What Moms Want for Christmas


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I asked moms what they want for Christmas, and the answers aren’t surprising. We want quality, distraction-free time with our families. We want clean, organized homes that function well and without frustration. Moms want time to take care of themselves. We want memories to be made and good times to be had by all. Give a gift moms really want for Christmas

Gift Ideas for Mom

  1. A mini-getaway. Alone. It’s probably no surprise that moms of young children just want a nap. We love spending time with our families, but we’d also like a hotel room alone for a night or two. Consider planning a weekend with the kids, so Mom can enjoy time alone guilt-free. Throw in a gift basket with a bottle of wine, a good book, and dark chocolate for good measure.
  2. Body care services. Spa services like massage, facials, pedicure, and exfoliation will make her feel brand new.
  3. Housecleaning services. Consider hiring a professional to come in and give the house a deep clean. 
  4. Coffee and coffee accessories. A staple of motherhood. Coffee gift cards, a beautiful to-go cup, or a variety of specialty blends will make the whole ‘rise and shine’ routine more fun.
  5. A family experience. Family memberships, gift cards, or event tickets are sure to create lasting memories. 
  6. Restaurant gift cards. An evening of no cooking or cleaning up and everyone orders what they like? Win.
  7. Encourage her hobbies. Has motherhood put her interests on the back burner? Even if her time is spread thin, she might enjoy picking up an old hobby. Look for classes, accessories, or supplies that will remind her to spend some time doing what she loves.
  8. A makeover. A consultation with a personal stylist or beautician can help her look and feel her best.
  9. Family portraits. Between a professional photographer and some lovely frames, you’ve found a gift that will last for years to come. 
  10. A mini-remodel. Maybe it’s a new coffee table, a fresh coat of paint for the living area, or a new rug that will help create a welcome gathering place for the whole family to enjoy.
  11. Home updates and repairs. Is there a long list of minor repairs that causes daily frustration? Or maybe she’s wishing for painted kitchen cabinets this year.
  12. Roomba. Futuristic robot vacuum? Yes, please.  
  13.  A great bag. All moms need a tote of some kind. This vital piece of equipment functions as a diaper bag,  purse, and an extension of our wardrobe. A nice-sized leather tote will go with everything and carry it all.  
  14. Cozy gifts. Moms want fuzzy slippers, textured blankets, and plush robes to stay warm and toasty this winter.  
  15. Convenient appliances. Clever new appliances make life simpler.
  16. Organization. Gifts that help her stay organized bring peace to life. Maybe she could even use a consultation with a professional organizer. Yes, it’s a thing! 
  17. Beauty products. Gift certificates for her favorite product line are a sure hit! 
  18. Personalized Gifts. She’d love a commissioned art piece done by a local artist of her own children from a favorite photograph. 


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