Top 10 Articles & Guides in 2020

FWM Top 10 Articles & Guides 2020
In this last article of the year, we are re-sharing the most popular articles from 2020. We divided it into two categories this go-around — great, real life articles and our top-notch guides. Leave us a comment and let us know which one was YOUR FAVORITE! (We melt when we get reader feedback. It’s like, well, Christmas for us.)
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Top 10 Articles

Celebrate a birthday at home with ideas designed to keep you happy and safe.

60 Ways to Celebrate Birthdays (and Maintain Social Distancing)

From sidewalk chalk to yard signs, here’s a list of creative ways to celebrate your little’s special day.

Being married to a black man makes a white local wife and mom worry.

And I Worry

I know now, as best as I can, that the color of his skin matters, that it touches every aspect of his life in a way I can’t possibly fully comprehend. 

suitcases travel

Coronavirus and Spring Break Travel

With all the buzz about the coronavirus, what do you need to know when it comes to travel and the health of your family? 

Costco has the best pizza.

Never Without :: 50 Costco Must-Haves

Sure, Costco has fantastic products. And from one mama to another, you can find a few of the brands they offer at your local grocery store. But the thing that sets Costco apart goes beyond groceries. Costco HAS. IT. ALL.

Momfessions Podcast talks about discipline

The Discipline System That Saved Our Family

No matter the age of your children, call a family meeting to set up the base of your discipline. Allow your children’s input, but remember Mom and Dad have the final say on these “10 Commandments” of sorts.

A man selling children's toys on the side of the road makes one mom sad.

The Man I Met Selling His Children's Toys

As I neared the vehicle, it suddenly became clear that on top of the car, the front window and the hood were covered in children’s toys, mainly stuffed animals. On the ground in front of the car were also numerous toys, most made of plastic.

What gains did we learn and receive from the pandemic of 2020?

What Gains Did 2020 Bring?

Yes, we’re all missing the “precedented” things in life, but we can all walk out of 2020 with a fresh perspective on life in general, our habits, our norms, our relationships, and our priorities. This year is an opportunity to rethink everything.

Moms chose different schooling options for their kids for the 2020 school year.

What Moms Think About the 2020 School Year

I want more information on what standards will be in place when school begins. How will social distancing work? Bathrooms, how will these be kept clean? Game plan on lesson plans, extra curricula, the fine arts?


What to Do If You or Your Child is Exposed to Coronavirus

The email informed me that both my children two days prior were directly in contact with a person infected with coronavirus — their swim teacher. I suddenly had questions.

Why didn't we test our kids after they were exposed to coronavirus?

Why We Didn't Test Our Kids After a COVID Exposure

At the end of June, the girls had a direct exposure to COVID-19 during swim lessons. The three of us then self-quarantined for 14 days at home, per Dad’s (who is an infectious disease doctor) orders.

Top 10 Guides

Baby in bluebonnets

Best Bluebonnet Patches Around Tarrant County

In Fort Worth, we are located within “the Bluebonnet Triangle.” If you imagine the area of Houston, San Antonio, and DFW as the corners and add in Hill Country, this is where the majority of bluebonnets in Texas grow.


Guide to Fall Activities

Are you ready for fall temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes, apple bobbing, boots, and sweaters? We sure are! Fort Worth Moms has worked hard to find the best pumpkin patches, farms, and fall festivals that Tarrant County has to offer. 

holiday bow

Guide to Holiday Events

From time with jolly ol’ Saint Nick, to finding the perfect tree, and from holiday events to shows that boost your spirit, you will find it all included in this guide. 

Use this guide to indoor activities to find family fun in all weather.

Guide to Indoor Activities

If you live in Texas, you know that the weather can literally drop 40 degrees in a matter of hours! In the summer, temperatures can also climb well into the 100s — and not see the 80s or below — for DAYS. Indoor play options are a must.

Pick a preschool or parents day out program with a curriculum that fits your family.

Guide to Preschools and Parents' Day Out

FWM compiled a list of Tarrant County schools that are great options for your little ones. You’ll find a variety of curriculum choices, pricing options, and time slots.


Guide to Homeschool Co-Ops, Private Schools & University Model Schools in Tarrant County

Whether you are searching for homeschool options or private schools or something in between, we have featured educational options all across Tarrant County to help you find the right fit for your family. 

under water

Guide to Splash Pads, Pools, & Water Fun

Summer 2020 — summer of the pandemic — is nothing if not unusual. We’ve updated this list of area splash pads, pools, and waterparks with what is open, what date it opens, and what is completely closed for the summer or year.

summer camp

Guide to Summer Camps

If you are looking for options for your kiddos, then check this list. We are THANKFUL for your support during this pandemic and THANKFUL for the support of our partners who’ve helped us keep the lights on.

Coronavirus featured (1)

Ultimate Guide to Surviving Coronavirus School Break

We scoured our archives for resources and ideas to help you (and us, too) navigate these uncharted waters. For those of you needing to create a schedule — however strict or silly — check out this guide, which includes a free printable!


Ultimate Guide to Teacher Appreciation During a Pandemic

Although the coronavirus pandemic changed the way we do school, it does not change the impact teachers made and are still making for our kids this school year. Let’s not allow teacher appreciation to slip through the cracks this May!


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