Two Great Volumizing Hair Products a Woman with “Booty Length” Hair Swears By


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There are products that give volume to women with long hair.I usually have my hair grown out as long as possible. Currently my hair is “down to my booty” length. Gray hair and textured hair is beautiful, but for me, I just love, love, love long hair and how it can look so feminine and beautiful.

But the thing I dislike most about my long hair is how flat it can get. I mean, I’m a Texas girl. The last thing I want is hair with no volume, and my long hair is very heavy, so it can get super weighed down.

I’ve tried many volumizing hair products to counter this lack-of-volume problem. There are some gels and hairsprays that have worked great. But these have led to other issues. The first day I apply them they work really well, but then on day two my hair is very dirty, tangled, and just a big hot mess.

Use a hair dryer to style long hair.Now I know there are ladies out there who wash their hair every day, but I am NOT one of you. I like to wash my hair once every three or four days both because washing my hair takes a lot of time and because I believe it’s better for my hair health to wash it less.

So I just can’t apply products that will force me to wash my hair sooner.

In turn, I’ve found two products I like best to help give my hair more volume while not causing me to wash my hair more often.

Hair Dance Volumizing Dry Shampoo: I bought this small bottle over a year ago, and it’s not empty yet! I shake a little powder in my hand and then put it in my hair near my roots, which tend to get oily a couple days after I wash my hair.

I love that it makes my hair look cleaner and gives me a little volume at the same time! It’s easy to use, easy to travel with, and I like that it’s not an aerosol spray.

VOLOOM: After much searching I found this gem. It’s a crazy method to create hair volume, but it works great for me. Basically you use this machine to crimp your hair near your roots UNDER your top layer of parted hair so that the hair you crimp doesn’t show.

I love that my VOLOOM heats up very quickly and has a wide range of temperature options so that people with my fragile hair don’t have to use as high of heat.

It also has a locking mechanism, so it will stay shut unless you unlock it. I’m guessing my kids could still burn themselves on the sides of the device, but they can’t easily open it and burn themselves on the metal crimper at least.

There are several products women with long hair can use to get volume.But the best part is that it only takes a few minutes to use. Usually I only need to crimp a few sections of my hair to give me the volume I want. Even if I really wanted mega huge hair it still wouldn’t take more than five minutes of crimping because I’m not trying to do something that looks good, I’m just crimping areas that won’t show underneath my hair that will show.

I just love that I can get nice volume with my VOLOOM without using any gels or sprays and get great results. 

The downside of the VOLOOM is that using any heat on your hair is not great for it. However, to protect my hair health I don’t use this tool most days and, when I do, I often only need to crimp somewhere between three to eight upper sections of my hair.

I’m also not sure how this product would work on women with thinner or more fine hair. It may be hard for these hair types to hide crimped pieces of hair under a layer of straight hair. Additionally, I’m not sure how it works on curly hair, but I would guess it would work extra well on curly hair because hiding crimped pieces would be extra easy.

Happy hair-styling with these volumizing hair products and tips!

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