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We have a couple of disclaimers for this episode. First, thanks to the pandemic, our discussion took place in three separate locations using the wonders of video and microphones. Due to a technical hiccup here and there, you may notice the sound to shift during the conversation. Second, we included an affiliate link in these show notes. If you purchase using that link, Momfessions Podcast may receive a commission. So thanks for supporting us!

What it is like to be a black mother on Momfessions PodcastThe topic of diversity, inclusion, racism, and the everyday differences that Black people experience is a topic we’ve discussed before. Primarily, the discussions and articles have focused around us, white women, encountering these differences as we watch our darker-skinned kids interact with the world. However, in this episode, we hear from Stephanie, who is an accomplished professional, community supporter, and a mother of two. She is also a Black woman.

While we simultaneously grieve the notion that there is even a need to host an episode that shines a light on the differences between what it means to be a white mother and what it means to be a Black mother, we also acknowledge and we believe this topic needs to happen. The idea for this episode came as we realized more and more how segregated motherhood is, and how many of our white peers did not believe that American experiences were that different between white and Black moms. We need to amplify our Black friends. We need to learn and do better and gain wisdom from their perspectives and gifts.

So join us as we listen to Stephanie, in poignant and honest ways, answer the question: What is it like to be a Black mother?

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Stephanie Broadnax Broussard is a guest on Momfessions Podcast on Black mothersStephanie Broadnax Broussard is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW-S) and certified advanced palliative and hospice social worker (APHSW-C). Stephanie is the director of palliative care and social work at a large oncology practice here in Texas and a therapist in a private practice at LCS Counseling and Consulting Agency.

Sharing time and space with individuals and families during their most difficult days has given Stephanie a sincere and unique perspective of life. This perspective is evident in her rare ability to aid individuals as they navigate the complexities of living life, while simultaneously providing support to others during their final days. Stephanie shares her passion for life and the pursuit of purpose at every available opportunity.

The titles she holds most dear is that of mother and wife to the coolest guys on earth. Cory, Cory II (Deuce), and Corben. They are her true inspirations and inspires her to be a part of the change she is so desparate to see in the world.

Follow Stephanie on her website, Facebook, and Instagram. Be on the lookout for her new podcast, It Comes With Living.

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