Tea Time, Anyone?

Cup of Tea
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Over the last few weeks my daily commute to work has increased to an hour-long drive. Since I am usually very sleepy in the mornings, I decided to try a cup of tea in the morning to help keep me focused on the road. The tea helps keep me warm on the cold mornings, and it helps to wake me up. 

I have gathered a few places in the Fort Worth and Denton County areas that are great places to stop in for a cup of tea, coffee, and other good treats. 

Tea Shops in Fort Worth

Brewed :: 801 West Magnolia, Fort Worth :: Not only do I love lemon ginger tea with a few drops of lemon in the morning, I also love a nice latte. This place is also known for its all-day breakfast menu. There is nothing wrong with having breakfast for all three meals of the day. 

Leaves Books and Tea Shop :: 120 Street Louis Avenue #101, Fort Worth :: This place is considered a community gathering place to relax and refresh from the daily demands of life. Grab a great book and relax. It is a family friendly environment. 

The Ashton :: 610 Main Street, Fort Worth :: This is a more elegant, upscale setting to enjoy a warm cup of tea in the afternoon. The Ashton is Fort Worth’s only historic boutique hotel. What a luxurious setting to enjoy a delicious cup of tea.

The Rose Garden Tearoom :: 7200 Camp Bowie Boulevard, Fort Worth :: For a more more intimate, laidback experience, head to The Rose Garden Tearoom. Located in the Montgomery Antique Mall, you will enjoy some social time tasting delicious gourmet scones, tea sandwiches, treats, and iced or hot tea. Then, stroll around the mall for unique finds.

World Blend :: 5410 Basswood Boulevard, Fort Worth :: This is a nifty kind of place in North Fort Worth. It is unique in itself because it has a shipping center inside. You can send a card, letter, or package after enjoying a cup of tea. 

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Tea Shops in Denton County Area

Chestnut Tree Teahouse and Bistro :: 107 West History Street, Fort Worth :: Chestnut Tree Teahouse has a great bistro menu with a welcoming family based atmosphere. It even has tearooms to host small tea parties.

Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea :: 3220 Teasley Lane, Fort Worth :: If you want a delicious pumpkin spice latte, you have found your spot! It has a cozy environment with great sweet treats for little ones.

Tasty Tea Brands

If you are more of a homestyle or homemade type for fresh brewed tea, try a few of the following brands for your particular taste pallet. These are just a few the best-rated grocery store purchases.

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Support Black-Owned Tea Companies

I would like to highlight a few black-owned tea companies that are refreshing, creative in blend, and can be delivered right to your door. 

Whether you’re at home or out on the town, a warm cup of tea is great at any time of the year. Be creative. Order your own special blend. Make it an enjoyable time with family and friends. Enjoy! 



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