How & Where to Find the Right Local Tutor for Your Child


Education has always been a priority in my household. Ensuring children do not fall behind is hard work, but finding the right tutor can sometimes feel like a tougher task.

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There are so many questions a parent should ask a potential tutor and going about that is overwhelming. Here are a few to ask: 

  • How long have you been a tutor?
  • What subject(s) do you have experience teaching?
  • Have you worked with other children who have struggled with the same topics as my child? 
  • What’s your teaching style, and how do you measure progress? 
  • How many students will be tutored at a time? 

When deciding what steps to take next, it is important to consider what is right for your family. The first step is to determine what help your child needs. Make sure the tutor can work within your family’s schedule and that he or she is flexible things should change with minimal penalty.

Another constraint many parents worry about is budget. But at the same time, the phrase “you get what you pay for” comes to mind. Many learning centers offer free consultations. Take them up on that offer, but make sure there is no obligation.

Other options exist outside of tutoring centers. Consider reaching out to your student’s teachers to see if they offer after-school or lunchtime tutoring. Ask the school counselor for help finding a viable option for tutoring that works for all parties. Do not be afraid to reach out to past teachers who helped along the way. Call the libraries in your area as well and see if they can assist in helping you find tutoring in your local area.

Please do not take help from teachers and local resources as a way to get out of paying a tutor. Always pay your tutors. They do exceptional work and want your child to succeed.

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10 Tutoring Places Around DFW

Keeping our children safe during the pandemic is a top priority. Many of the tutoring centers below are willing to work with you. Many offer online, one-on-one tutoring as well as in person. Ask the tutoring centers what they are doing to comply with CDC regulations and what you can do to make sure everyone stays healthy.

If you feel your child should be taught in person, make your expectations known regarding your child’s health.

  • Club Z! Tutoring & Test Prep Services (Plano and Irving) :: Club Z! provides online one-on-one or small group tutoring. It offers tutoring for elementary, middle, high school, and college students. It customizes every session to implement the best outcome for your student. 
  • Head of the Class Academic and Counseling Center (Keller) :: Head of the Class offers programs for struggling students by pinpointing various problems, and then aiding with specific techniques to succeed. It offers learning difference programs for students with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. It offers individual and group tutoring, as well as in-person, small-group learning.
  • Huntington Learning Center (Fort Worth) :: Huntington helps students of all ages with math, reading, writing, and studying tips. It evaluates each student to provide the appropriate program through one-on-one assistance. It offers virtual support and ADHD assistance.
  • KUMON (Arlington) :: KUMON offers in-person and virtual sessions to help your student build confidence and reduce homework stress. Kumon creates individualized lesson plans to help alleviate anxieties. It works with ages three up to high-school age.
  • Mathnasium (Saginaw) :: Offering one-on-one tutoring services, Mathnasium offers various approaches to help your student reach learning goals. It offers unique lessons to assess your student’s needs. It offers real-time online homework help for elementary, middle, and high school assistance through group work and private tutoring.
  • Southlake Tutoring Academy (Southlake) :: Southlake Tutoring Academy offers in-person and virtual learning to assist students in meeting goals though enrichment programs. It offers writing workshops that focus on ELA and learning new math skills at various grade levels.
  • Sylvan Learning Center (Denton) :: Sylvan Learning Center offers online and face-to-face learning. Its personalized tutoring and lesson plans ensure students’ success.

Homeschooling can be tough for kids and parents.

  • Test Geek-ACT Prep & SAT Prep (Grapevine) :: TestGeek offers one-on-one tutoring to provide maximum efficiency and help strengthen learning. Students are given a tailored program to raise scores on the SAT and ACT. It offers flexible scheduling to work around schedules.
  • Texas Dyslexia Services (Fort Worth) :: Texas Dyslexia Services offers individual programs to fit each student in counseling for math, handwriting, or attention difficulties. It offers program for six months to a year. The services provided are one-on-one counseling, as well as a follow-up with parent counseling to ensure success.
  • The Savvy Student (Virtual) :: Offering one-on-one tutoring, study skills workshop, accountability coaching, reading testing, and counseling, these virtual services provide empowerment to students to help them succeed.

What tutoring places do you recommend around the DFW area? What advice do you have to those in your area seeking tutoring help? Let us know in the comments below or at [email protected].


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