26 Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Whole Family


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27 unique gift ideas for valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is on its way and if you’re looking for a little inspiration to gift your family something sweet and out-of-the-box this Valentine’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of 26 items to get you started. 

The list includes a variety of price points, but overall gives a nod to many local businesses as well as non-toxic items to add to your home — nary a chocolate box or rose in sight! 

Lovely Gifts for Babies, Kids, & Teens

1. Adorable stacking cups for your baby that won’t look ugly scattered all over your living room.

2. A heart-shaped teether.

3. How about some love-themed books for your preschoolers (check out these 12 titles).

4. Or some non-toxic crayons that look like rocks.

5. Speaking of crayons, what about these doughnut-shaped crayons (they’re made from old melted crayons — how cool!)

donut recycled crayons
image via etsy

6. For your grade-schooler, a set of notebooks with their artwork on the cover.

7. Tired of PlayDoh? Check out Land of Dough, which is made with plant-based materials and compostable glitter. Who knew?!

8. For your girly girl, a set of non-toxic glittery nail polish. Each bottle comes with a wearable bow ring.

9. A cool sticker for their laptop or water bottle.

10. Got a teen who loves to read? Check out these hot new YA releases (you can grab a copy from a local independent bookstore like The Dock or Monkey and Dog Books). 

11. An interactive one-question-a-day five-year journal for the most angsty among us.

12. Or how about a Yeti cup with a gift card to their favorite coffee shop (or fast food joint).

Special Gifts For Your Special Someone

13. For the beer enthusiast, a T-shirt from a favorite local brewery (and that favorite six-pack to go with it)!

14. Pretty minimalist everyday earrings from a Fort Worth designer with a global impact.

15. A custom wedding portrait AND your wedding song? Sold.

16. Granite chilling stones for whiskey (or wine — no judgment!).

17. A fuzzy fleece pullover to make snuggling up the couch extra cozy.

18. Deepen your relationship with a card game, of all things: We’re Not Really Strangers.

19. A historically accurate cap of his or her favorite baseball team.

20. What about the grown-up version of the five-year journal. Less pressure to capture motherhood’s fleeting moments in long-form.

five-year journal gift idea

21. Cruelty-free & non-toxic perfume, in case she still hasn’t found her signature scent — try this sample set!

22. Stay in-the-know: A subscription to Texas Monthly (or your city newspaper) to support local journalism.

23. A pretty phone case as a reminder that spring is coming.

Gifts for Anyone

24. How about naming a star after your loved one with a note that says “you light up my life”?

25. A candle as a reminder of his or her home state . . . or to remind your teen of the epic vacation you once took as a family.

26. Looking for a new hobby? Try a subscription to Skillshare for the whole family. It’s an online community with thousands of courses for every interest under the sun.

What was the best Valentine’s Day gift you’ve given or received? Let us know in the comments below! 


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