PRESS RELEASE :: Fort Worth Moms Releases 2021 Guide to Family Fun for Kiddos with Differences & Disabilities


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Find activities for kiddos with differences and disabilities.

For Immediate Release

Fort Worth, Texas — Fort Worth Moms has published our annual “2021 Guide to Family Fun for Kiddos with Differences & Disabilities.” This guide serves parents who have a child with differences and disabilities, who can testify to the struggle of finding ways for him or her to connect (and play!) with other children of varying abilities.

Fort Worth Moms (FWM) polled mamas across Tarrant County for trusted venues and creative play solutions. Now, FWM is proud to present the comprehensive guide to “Family Fun for Kiddos with Differences and Disabilities.”

Local parents are sure to find something to entertain or educate kids of all ages — whether at an accessible playground filled with children of all abilities, or at a sensory-friendly movie screening exclusive to families walking through their journey.

Fort Worth Moms is available for appearances and interviews to serve as an expert on . . .


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