Diaper Bag Basics :: Which Bag Is Right For You & What to Put In It


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Mamas have so many options when it comes to diapers bags these days. In just style alone there are endless choices from backpacks to satchels to crossbody. Then, there are a million questions when it comes to what to put inside! Do I pack my stuff in the diaper bag as well? What do I really need in my diaper bag?

Which Diaper Bag Is Right for You

Here are some of great diaper bag options:

  • BB Gear :: This one is my personal favorite! It has multiple pockets to organize everything, is a solid structure so it stays standing on its own, features clips to hang off strollers or shopping carts, and is cute and affordable!
  • Fawn :: Made from vegan leather, this bag also offers stylish options, such as a messenger bag or a backpack with 12 pockets.
  • Ruvalino :: An affordable option that will last and and can be used later for travel.
  • Terra Baby :: This is a crossbody option for mamas who cherish style and organization.
  • TWELVELittle :: This brand features a 2-in-1 messenger bag and stroller organizer.

Find the right diaper bag for you.What You Need Inside Your Diaper Bag

  • Feeding supplies :: This changes as your baby grows. It could start out with a nursing cover, bottles and formula, and bibs, then grow to baby foods and spoons. Eventually it will be just carrying around your kiddo’s favorite snacks. 
  • Cleaning supplies :: You can never pack enough burp cloths, wet wipes, and hand sanitizer.
  • A change of clothes for each kid and maybe an extra shirt for yourself :: We all know the messes babies can make and how they love to use mama’s shirt as a napkin. I keep a change of shirt for me for those massive spills and accidents.
  • Medicines :: My kiddos have serious seasonal allergies, so I keep allergy medications in our bag along with Zarbee’s Baby Chest Rub. I also keep Neosporin, Band-Aids, and ibuprofen or Tylenol as well.
  • Comfort items :: Pack extra pacifiers, extra pacifier clips, loveys or snuggle blankets, in case (and inevitably) one is lost along the way.
  • Diapers :: of course. Plan for about one diaper per hour you’re away from home. A changing pad comes in handy, too.
  • Mama’s needs :: Chapstick, lipstick, travel deodorant, sunglasses, pads/tampons, wallet, phones, and keys.

Tips and Tricks to Help You Stay Organized

  • Find a stylish, functional diaper bag.Pack a nifty safety medical kit, which comes in handy for carrying medicines. You can get it in blue or pink.
  • The Fluffy Penguin diaper pods help keep each kiddo’s needs separate and keep your bag organized if you’re packing for more than one kid.
  • Storing things in reusable bags also helps keep things organized. I tend to keep my kids’ diapers in large bags and other things like toiletries in smaller bags.

Share your favorite diaper bag — and why you love it — below! 


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