Finding Space for Me :: Momfessions Podcast :: Episode 53


Moms must make self care a priorityWho has the case of the “shoulds”? What you should do? What you should be as a mother? What should an ideal mother do, and why aren’t you doing that? This ideal mom only lives in our heads, but she is often the cause of our burnout. Ms. Should keeps us from self-care.

Beth and Emily dive deep into this topic, so moms can find space for “me time” instead of drowning in guilt and shame.

They also have a few questions for you. Answer in the comments below.

  1. Do you know what gives you restorative rest? There is no shame if you don’t, or no prize if you do. Just generally curious to learn how many moms really know this about themselves.
  2. As introvert, Beth and Emily are unified in their desire for time alone. But, how do extroverted moms recharge? What does “me time” look like for you?
  3. Where are you on your self-care journey?

Of course, this is a major topic in mom circles, so Fort Worth Moms has several articles to help you, no matter how rested you are or aren’t.

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Original musical composition, “Play Time,” created by Jacob Tilton.


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