Lasering In on Hair Removal


Disclaimer :: I am not a medical professional; this is solely my experience with the laser hair removal. Please consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns regarding your own health. 

Laser hair removal is a choice some mamas make.

Before we know it, we will be trading in our swimwear and shorts for leggings and jeans as soon as we order that first pumpkin spice coffee. There are a lot of women who will rejoice at this opportunity to cover their legs and give their razors a break. I must confess that I am one of those women.

For me, wearing anything above the ankle two days in a row has always meant shaving two days in a row, which inevitably means razor burn. After spending last summer hunkered down at home, I wanted to be out as much as possible this summer and quickly remembered how much I loathe the necessity of shaving.

During my annual consultation with my dermatologist in July, I asked if there was anything to help with the pores on my legs, because even when my shins are silky smooth, you can still see my dark hair follicles just below the epidermis. Her only suggestion to help with this annoyance was laser hair removal.

But it is more than just an annoyance. When it comes to body hair, to each his own, but for me this has always been an issue of self-consciousness. I first tried laser hair removal on my underarms back in 2013 and am still pleased with the results. I have now resolved to turn the self-consciousness that comes with showing my calves into self-confidence by turning once again to laser hair removal.

Woman is raising her arm to show underarm hair.

My Experience

I remember cheering on the middle school spirit team in seventh grade. Even at 13 years old, I was embarrassed to lift my arms in public wearing a sleeveless cheerleading uniform. It didn’t matter if I had just shaved, you could still see hair under the surface of my skin. I was convinced that everyone in the stands could see it as well. This thought made me uncomfortable all through high school and into my early 20s. 

Fast forward more than 10 years later, and I was having dinner with a friend who had just lasered her underarms. I had so many questions for her because it was something I was definitely interested in. Like me, she had lighter skin and dark hair. This combination is typically going to see the best results with laser hair removal. She explained she still had to shave on occasion, but the hair was much thinner and the dark follicles didn’t show through underneath any more. 

Modern bride exposing her underarm

A couple months after that dinner, my late husband proposed. We quickly started to make wedding plans. I decided that at 25 years old I was not going to be self-conscious in a sleeveless wedding dress. I scheduled my first laser hair removal session.

I completed eight sessions with an average of six weeks between each one, and this seems to be the common recommendation. Hair grows in cycles and can also be affected by hormone fluctuations. Multiple sessions ensure that all hairs get treated.

My Laser Hair Removal Results

For me, laser hair removal is one of those things that my only regret is not doing it sooner. Eight years later, I am still pleased with the decision to try it. My hair still grows, but even now, it is much thinner and lighter. If I catch myself at the gym after work changing into a sleeveless top and remembering that I haven’t shaved recently, it is hardly noticeable and not a reason to skip my workout. 

Would I Recommend Laser Hair Removal?

Absolutely! I am typically someone who is anti-unnecessary beauty treatments. However, as a mother of two young girls, this is something I recommend. I’m thrilled to have left behind that feeling of embarrassment and would encourage others who are unhappy with their hair to talk to their doctor about options that would work best for them.

Keep in Mind

Everyone is different. This treatment is optimal for those with light skin and dark hair, but that doesn’t mean it can’t help you if that description doesn’t fit your coloring. There are different kinds of lasers that can be used for different skin types and to achieve different results, like preventing ingrown hairs. This is something to discuss with your doctor.

Is It Worth It? 

The cost can seem high up front, with a wide range of prices depending on number of sessions purchased and area being lasered. It might help to break this down for you personal lifestyle. You most likely won’t be tossing out your razor for good, but you won’t be needing it as much. For some people this will replace the cost of waxing and if it is the right choice for you, feeling comfortable in your own skin is priceless.

Woman raises arms in the air

Bottom Line

When I bought my initial package eight years ago, I went with the spa that was offering the best Groupon. I had a great experience, but I would recommend talking to friends who have done laser hair removal and doing your research to find a doctor you are comfortable with to meet your skin goals.  

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