From Grandma’s Perspective :: Momfessions Podcast :: Episode 55


Grandmothers can teach mothers a lot about parenting

Take a listen as grandmothers for all walks of life share the burdens and beauty of their grandmothering experiences. Beth and Emily also talk about memories and lessons learned from the grandmothers in their lives.

And tell us in the comments: What name did you call your grandmother?

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Original musical composition, “Play Time,” created by Jacob Tilton.


  1. Emily-

    This is Mary Bawden. Hola! I saw your post in linked in and decided it would be good to reconnect because of DA:NCE(dance awareness: no child exploited).

    Every mother, parent and grand-parent would want to know current information about the hypersexualization of children in adult costumes, choreography and music. Take a look at a trailer that DA:NCE released in June titled ‘Wholesome to Harmful: What Happened to Children’s Dance?’:

    Below I’ve included a few more resource links, the mission & vision of DA:NCE as well as our educational goals. The website is

    Other Resource Links:
    1. 30 minute comprehensive talk given on July 21, 2021 at the CESE Conference(Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation). The title of my talk was ‘Healthy or Harmful: What Do the Experts Say About Children’s Dance’
    2. Newsletter May 2021:
    3. Intro video ‘Coffee & Conversation’:

    Mission/Vision of DA:NCE:
    Mission: To bring international awareness and education to stop the exploitation through hypersexualization of children in dance.
    Vision: To promote the art of dance and its benefits to children by creating educational materials that advocate for their safety and protection in all dance environments.
    Children deserve to learn and experience the gift of dance in safe environments that do not sexualize and/or exploit them.
    Children deserve to love dance, their bodies, and themselves.
    Children deserve to be protected from sexual exploitation.

    DA:NCE Educational Goals:
    -To protect children from hypersexualization in adult costumes, choreography and music, and to protect the art of dance
    -To create free research materials to give adults informed choices about the differences between healthy or harmful dance
    -To engage in respectful conversations about hypersexualization without shaming/demonizing adults or dance studios so that there is a path for reflection and changed perspectives
    -To communicate the hypersexualization of children in dance and its connection to the public health issue of pornography with bipartisan engagement

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