How to Show Support to Our Medical Community


Friends, neighbors, fellow moms and dads:

Remember those wise words Mr. Rogers said to comfort us so long ago . . . but have been repeated time and time again throughout the years: “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

When I look for the helpers in this pandemic, I have found many these last 18+ months. In fact, I even live with one. My husband works as an infectious disease doctor here in Fort Worth. I have a front row seat to the burden and the hard he’s endured and is enduring. There’s an entire medical community right here, right now that’s struggling, that’s overworked, that’s coping with trauma. And yet, they keep giving and serving the sickest among us.

These helpers have seen the worst, but let’s show them the best of us too. It’s our turn to be helpers.

After the video posted by Cook Children’s, our mama hearts — even our mama bear hearts — stirred. We want to support these women and men, who are moms and dads too. They are running in a marathon. They are the people who help our kids heal and stay well. The adult facilities are tending to our teachers, our neighbors, our friends, our family. At this point in the marathon, the muscles are tired, the brain wants to quit, and the mental endurance is tested.

Let’s cheer and show support. Let’s bring them to the finish line with dignity and care.

And here’s how.

What to Donate

Fort Worth Moms teamed up with Cowtown Cares and contacted various hospitals in the Tarrant County area. It appears each have specific guidelines for what can be donated and what cannot be donated. Thus, we have organized that and plan to make our first support drop-off on Friday, September 10, catering to the specific requests of each location. We may add to this list as we hear from more locations, but for now, these are truly the most helpful things to donate.

Starting September 2, 2021, Fort Worth Moms is accepting the following donations to be distributed as needed to the local medical community:

  • Letters, cards, and art :: Totally not joking here, and yes, we are listing it in our top spot. Every admin we talked to says written encouragement is like a balm to their workers. Have your kids create pictures. Write notes of gratitude. Share your favorite quote. Use your words to build up and rally them on. Remind them that you believe them and you believe in them! Encourage them with choices you are making to slow the spread of coronavirus and making their burden lighter.
  • Individually wrapped snacks :: We’ve heard over and over that sending in pizza or full dinners is not the way to go because not everyone eats at the same time. Sometimes they are so busy, sitting down to eat something warm isn’t even possible. Individually wrapped snacks are easy grab and go, and eliminates them from packing snacks or buying food. This snacks should be commercially made and not expired.
  • Specific toys for COVID-positive pediatric patients :: Cook Children’s is requesting plastic pop-it fidget toys for the kids hospitalized with COVID; these are easy to keep clean and disinfected. The staff also requests individually packaged art kits and Lego kits as well as individual containers of play dough.

Any donated items MUST be BRAND NEW. No used or expired items, please.

PLEASE consider donating through Cowtown Cares and Fort Worth Moms. Overwhelming with dozens and dozens drops off of small quantities puts more strain on an already overworked staff.

:: ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITY :: You can sponsor a meal for a nursing unit, but you must apply. These opportunities are on a first come, first serve basis. Typcially, the need will be to provide a catered lunch for 15 – 25 people. You will be connected with a hospital cooridnator to work out the details. To sponsor a lunch, please complete THIS FORM.

How to support your medical communityWhere to Donate

Fort Worth Moms will accept donations through September 30, 2021. As stated above, we plan to do our first support drop-off on Friday, September 10 and will continue that throughout the month.

There are THREE WAYS you can contribute. Pick what works best for you!

1. You can mail cards, letters, and snacks/toys (sent directly from Amazon, for example) to: Fort Worth Moms / 2430 Wabash Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76109.

2. We are also working on creating more physical drop-off locations, but for now, this is what we have. We will update as we go along:

  • Porch drop off, 2430 Wabash Avenue, Fort Worth, 76109
  • Porch drop off, 3529 Ruth Road, Richland Hills, 76118
  • Porch drop off, 317 Crown Road, Willow Park, 76087
  • Porch drop off, 11725 Madrono Drive, White Settlement, 76108
  • Porch drop off, 9713 Westpark Drive, Benbrook, 76126
  • Porch drop off, 8112 Tyler Drive, Lantana, 76226
  • Trinity United Methodist Church, 1200 West Green Oaks, Arlington, 76013

Nominate More Helpers

Help us find more hospitals, clinics, and medical professionals to support and cheer on. Use the form below to let us know about other locations in the medical community that need support.




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