25 Favorite Parenting Podcasts


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top parenting podcasts

The podcast scene has exploded in recent years. It can be hard to find the gems among all the noise, particularly when it comes to parenting. Podcasts are the perfect antidote to parents who don’t feel like they have the time to sit down and read a parenting book, yet desperately want the wisdom and practicality from the experts.

If you’re looking for some of our reader’s top picks in parenting books, you can find a full list — organized topically — right this way. If podcasts are more your speed, prepare to fill up your queue with 25 favorites recommended by local moms.

  1. 3 in 30 is a genius concept for busy moms: In a 30-minute podcast, the host provides three tangible doable things you can do to make family life better each week.
  2. A Delectable Education is a Charlotte Mason homeschool podcast. Even if you don’t think that speaks to your lifestyle, the three hosts offer a lot of practical parenting wisdom, particularly focusing on the child-parent relationship.
  3. Authentic Parenting believes that as you raise children, you as a parent grow as well. This podcast discusses how parents can heal from trauma, manage their own emotions, and be a confident parent, and provides tangible strategies to be the authentic parent listeners want to be.
  4. Doctor Mom features a functional medicine pediatrician Elana Roumell and a registered nutritionist Stephanie Greunke to host this podcast with a sense of advocacy for pregnancy, postpartum, and pediatrics to equip moms to advocate for themselves and their children with their healthcare providers.
  5. Don’t Mom Alone is a faith-based podcast hosted by Dallas mom Heather MacFayden, who is passionate about connecting moms with help and resources, and creating a community around parenting.
  6. Good Inside with Dr. Becky, hosted by clinical psychologist Dr. Becky Kennedy, takes deep dives into tough parenting situations to enable parents to maintain their authority while developing and deepening their relationships with their children.
  7. Growing Connected is a show where Christian faith, parenting wisdom, and science collide. Hosted by psychologist Jeffrey Olnick, listeners will gain an understanding of how Scripture and science support each other, and how that can impact parenting in tangible ways.  
  8. Janet Lansbury Unruffled is a weekly show by respectful parenting expert Janet Lansbury. She typically answers a listener question and gives encouraging top parenting podcastsyet practical advice to handle early childhood struggles or interviews a parenting expert for his or her take on various aspects of parenthood.
  9. Life Kit: Parenting is an NPR show that gives parents practical and applicable advice while consulting top experts in many different aspects of parenthood.
  10. Momfessions is the podcast produced by Fort Worth Moms. The show offers practical parenting suggestions and dives deep into hard topics like parenting after abuse and how to have race conversations with your children.
  11. Mommifacted is a conversation and online community for moms of color juggling motherhood, careers, and life.
  12. Motherhood and Medicine is a real-talk podcast with emergency medicine PA and lifestyle blogger Lynzy where “motherhood and medicine collide.” She talks with experts all over the medical field about issues related to motherhood — from breastfeeding to childbirth to pelvic floor issues to mental health.
  13. Motherhood in Black & White is hosted by Gen X moms Kaanji Irby and Tara Campbella black mother and a white mother —  who discuss race, pop culture, and motherhood.
  14. Motherhood Sessions is like listening in on a therapy session with reproductive psychiatrist Alexandra Sacks, who explores issues related to motherhood with an everyday woman, and helps her work through the issue in each episode.
  15. One Bad Mother For some comic relief, tune into One Bad Mother, who’s hosts discuss how unnatural motherhood can be, and aim for more laughing, less judging.
  16. Pardon the Mess is a Christian podcast with host Cynthia Yanof, who interviews guests that help “point listeners to Jesus” through wisdom, encouragement, and experience.
  17. Parenting Great Kids with pediatrician Dr. Meg Meeker, dubbed “America’s Mom,” gathers experts from the fields of parenting and medicine to give practical advice for raising healthy and happy kids.
  18. Pediacast answers listener questions and covers the latest news for parents so they can make informed decisions about their children’s health and wellbeing.
  19. Raising Boys and Girls started as a 12-part companion series to the book, Are My Kids on Track? 12 Emotional, Social, and Spiritual Milestones Your Child Needs to Reach but expanded into the ages and stages of boys and girls (season two) and intentional parenting (season three).top parenting podcasts
  20. Simple Families is hosted by Denaye Barahana, who focuses on minimalism with kids, positive parenting, family wellness, and decreasing the mental load. Denaye draws on her work in her doctorate in child development, as well as her own experience raising kids.
  21. Simplicity Parenting is a companion to the bestselling book Simplicity Parenting where author Kim John Payne makes the case for slowing down and reclaiming childhood instead of waging the war against busyness and overwhelm.
  22. Talking to Teens looks for unorthodox yet scientifically-backed ways to communicate with and parent today’s teens. 
  23. The Boymom Podcast is just that — a conversation about moms raising sons. It’s full of fun and practical tips and stories for those of us raising the opposite gender.
  24. The Montessori Notebook is a spin-off from the international bestselling book, The Montessori Toddler by Simone Davies, a Montessori teacher in the Netherlands. Each season she interviews Montessori parents and experts from around the world to teach listeners how they can apply Montessori in their daily lives.
  25. Tilt Parenting is one of the top podcasts for parents with differently-abled children, touching on topics like ADHD, autism, special education, giftedness, etc.

What are your favorite parenting podcasts?


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