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When you become a mom, your life gets consumed by the needs of your littles, but you still need mom friends. They say it takes a village to raise a child. It takes a village to be a mom, too.

It’s so important to have mom friends who are weathering the same seasons as you. Someone to share how full the laundry basket is or have a laugh at that potty training mishap. Our community groups for moms here at Fort Worth Moms are pretty amazing, but here are some other ways to help you make mom friends.

5 Ways to Make Mom Friends

  1. Meetup is great tool to meet local moms with similar interests. You can search based upon interests and a set distance. This is also great for networking. 
  2. Talk to other moms in your child’s classroom. If your child is in school, take time at the pickup or drop-off line to say hello and talk to the parent of a child your child is friends with. I have made a few new mom friends this way!
  3. Talk to that mom you always see on your walks or at the park nearby. Put yourself out there and talk to the mom that you might see everyday on your walk or at the park you frequent. 
  4. Peanut is an app just for making mom friends! You can put in your interests and swipe on moms that seem interested in the same things as you and who are going through the same life phases as you.
  5. Look on social media! Fort Worth Moms has its own set of community groups based on area and certain topics. Join one — or more — today! Have patience, and don’t be afraid to reach out. It can take time to find those mom friends you really click with. 
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Mom friends eating dinner with wineGIVEAWAY!

In honor of the sixth anniversary for Fort Worth Moms community groups, we are hosting a giveaway! You could win a $100 Target gift card. YAY!

How do you enter to win? Visit “Meet Moms” on our website to find a complete listing of all our mom community groups. Find one that is near your area of North Texas and/or your stage of mothering and join! The info about how and where to enter for the $100 Target gift card will be posted in each mom community group.

Good luck! And we can’t wait to meet you, friend.

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