Why I Don’t Regret Marrying Someone Like My Dad


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Isn’t there a saying we all might turn into our parents? Or you’ll end up marrying someone like your mom or dad? In my case, both have happened.

It’s true: I am becoming more and more like my mom as I get older, and I married someone exactly like my dad. 

And do you know what? I’m okay with everything. 

Growing up, my dad worked from early in the morning until late afternoon. I still associate the sound and smell of the electric percolator coffeemaker with my dad and oh-dark-thirty when he would head out the door. He and my mom prioritized family dinner, and I’ve carried on that tradition to my little crew. 

When I met my now husband, I was drawn to his care-free lifestyle, his determined work ethic, and his kind spirit. It wasn’t until after my friends saw us together a few times that someone called me out: “Liz, he reminds me of your dad.” 

Well, let’s think this through. 

Dear Dad editorial series

The Similarities

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My dad, to this day, calls me his princess. I never doubted it in my mind that I was his favorite daughter (and his only daughter). He instilled in me a desire to do good in the world, to have passion in my decisions, and to take pride in our family. My dad taught me to love math. He introduced me to running. He danced every father-daughter dance with me from age four to 18. He will never so “no” to a margarita or fajita dinner. Watching my dad become “Grandpa” has been a true joy. 

A grandfather holds his grandaughter.

My husband respects and honors me like a queen. He is an entrepreneur and exhibits the characteristics of that persona in every way possible. He’s an extrovert, and he’s incredibly devoted to making Fort Worth a better place. My husband is teaching our daughter about real estate. He is introducing her to drumming and sailing. He prances around the kitchen island with her every chance they get. He will go out of his way for tacos. Watching my husband become “Dad” is everything I dreamt it to be. 

The Reasons It Matters

Taking a bird’s eye view, I see it very clearly now. I did, indeed, marry my dad. And I am so grateful to have two strong men to partner with as I navigate parenting — one man with wisdom from years before and one man with eager excitement for what’s to come. 

It’s been reassuring seeing their father-in-law and son-in-law relationship thrive beyond me, a testament to their commitment to each other and to the success of our family. As a daughter, a wife, and a mom, witnessing their teamwork brings me joy and confidence beyond measure. I am so lucky to have their bond as part of the foundation from which our family grows, creates memories, and launches our children towards their best potentials. 

And that’s why I truly am just fine with marrying someone like my dad.

I know I am supported by and safe with these two unbelievable guys.

And most importantly, I know I am loved and our children are loved by these two incredible men. 

I married a man just like my father.But watch out when these guys get together. When my dad and husband, two extroverts who love to dance and eat Tex-Mex, get together, it’s a party.  

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Did you have someone foundational in your life, who helped shape you into who you are today? Is there someone currently in your life who, when you take a moment, reminds you a lot of that person from your past?  I encourage you to take inventory of those special people in your life, and let them know how you feel about them! 


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