Why Reading Is the BEST Hobby for Mamas


Reading might not be considered one of those “cool” hobbies. I mean, we don’t get medals for reading 50 books a year. Goodreads might give us a pat on the back for finishing our yearly challenge but I haven’t received a medal for it since I was a child. (Check out this link if you want to know more about Goodreads yearly reading challenge.)

Reading Book

But it’s not like running or building something or charting the stars. Someone might say that you aren’t really “doing” anything because you are just sitting in a spot reading. 

As a mom of two, finding time for myself can be hard. Reading has always been a great fall back for me to grab a moment to myself. I am here to share why I keep reading as a hobby, how it brings me joy, and why you should give it a try.

Why Reading Rules

  1. You can read anywhere! Grab your phone and just download an app and you can read on your phone. You could even play an audio book while you do other things, like taking a shower, cleaning the house, or walking.
  2. You’ll never run out of books to read. I’m sorry if you had dreams of reading every book in the world, but that would take you longer than your lifespan. 
  3. You will gain more knowledge! I feel like I am learning new things all the time and am pretty good with random facts!
  4. You can travel anywhere, even time travel. There are so many different books set in different places and different time periods. In the time of not going very many places reading can take you there. 
  5. Learn about different hobbies! You don’t even have to read non-fiction to learn about different hobbies. Curious about archery? Read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The White Company.
  6. It stretches your imagination. You can imagine what the place and people look like from a book you are reading. You bring the story to life from the page.
  7. Anyone can do it!

How Reading Brings Joy

  1. It is peaceful and provides contentment. I feel very content at the end of reading a really good story. 
  2. It can introduce me to more people. Books are great conversation starters! I have made a few friends by just talking to someone about books. Book clubs are a great way to find book friends, too.
  3. I love the sense of adventure I feel while reading. A book allows me to discover new characters and new places — I feel very connected to what I am reading. I can find myself very invested in a book. 
  4. Being able to recommend books to people. I love having read a great book and being able to talk to everyone and anyone about it. I also love recommending books to new readers (children just starting to read) and having them find something they love. I just love helping others love reading! 

Reading Resources that Get Me Excited to Read More

Goodreads :: This great place to read reviews of books. it will recommend books similar to ones you have read. 

Book Riot :: Here’s a fun website that has lists for recommendations, cute bookish accessories, and up-to-date topics about reading.

Fantastic Fiction :: This is such a great site to look up authors or series and help you find something similar.

I also love giving reading recommendations! Leave a comment, and I can help you out! Happy reading!


  1. Book Bub sends a daily email with great deals on e-books! You fill out a profile and Book Bub tailors the list of books to your reading preferences (for example: historical fiction, mysteries, cookbooks). Books ran anywhere from $5 to free! Highly recommend!

  2. I LOVE LOVE this piece! I realized this year when my oldest turned 4 years old, that I hadnt read a book for the fun of reading in 5 years! This year my new year resolution was to read 10 books. I have been using Goodreads, started book club hopping and have read about 25 books so far! I have learned that a pair of reading glasses can make a huge difference! I am excited to go check out Book Riot and Fantastic Fiction.


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