Top 10 Articles of 2022

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Yes, the New Year is for planning and looking forward, but it’s also about reflecting on the previous 12 months. These articles? Definitely worth revisiting. Let’s have a look at the top 10 most-read pieces of the year — listed in alphabetical order. Thank you for being with us and being part of this great community!

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father and young daughter laughing while pulling something out of the oven

7 Ways Fathers Can Raise Independent Daughters by Rosalinda

Part of our “Dear Dad” editorial series. And we can all take something from it — these tips apply to mothers, too.

Children enjoy planting flowers and seeing things grow.

50 Show-and-Tell Ideas by Liz

What can I say other than THIS. IS. SO. HELPFUL. If your child is in the show-and-tell stage, you know how weirdly hard it is to choose something to bring to school.

preteen girl looking up at a rock climbing wall

Amazing Activities for Preteens You Need to Know About by Junell

For the child who has aged out of most playgrounds and indoor play places but still wants an outing and a place to have fun with friends or the family.

children's blocks spelling out autism

Autism Resource Guide :: Diagnostics, Therapies, Programs, Schools, and Activities by Laurie

“I discovered through my own journey as a parent to an autistic child that the best resources can be hard to find. My goal is to highlight services and activities that exist in the Fort Worth community for parents . . . ”

A plate with a heart promotes family friendly restaurants in Fort Worth

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Fort Worth and Tarrant County by Kristi

Ok, talk about comprehensive: This guide has all the best family-friendly restaurants in the area divided up by genre for easy searching. No matter what you’re craving, we have a suggestion.

swim lesson,

FREE (or Almost Free) Summer Fun for Families in the Fort Worth Area by Sana

We love a discount, and we LOVE finding free things to do with kids. Most of these activities and deals apply every summer, so be sure to keep this article in mind for the future.


Indoor Activities for Kids in Fort Worth and Surrounding Areas by Kristy

A necessity here in North Texas where we don’t exactly have four seasons. When it’s too hot or too cold out (and it’s often one or the other!), we’ve got you covered.

baby clothing for summer

Locally Owned Children’s Boutiques in Fort Worth by Sarah

Shop local small businesses and keep Fort Worth funky. Here’s a round-up of great spots to buy clothing and accessories for kids from babies to teens.

Moms love a good set of pajamas.

The Ultimate Guide to Stylish and Comfortable Pajamas for Women by Laurie

So many options, so many price points. We need good jammies. We deserve them!

Black Father with daughter

Why I Am Jealous of My Daughters’ Relationship with Their Dad by Adrianne

Turns out, dad content really resonates. Adrianne writes honestly and thoughtfully about what she missed (and still misses) growing up without a father.


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