Let’s Talk About Ditching Mom Guilt


An exhausted woman lays on a couch.Last Saturday I sat down in the luxurious massage chair to get a pedicure. It felt so good . . . for about seven minutes. Then mom guilt snuck in. It was a Saturday. I could be at home with the family. I could be organizing a closet. I could be doing so many other “important” things. This thought train almost ruined my pedicure! It almost ruined my pedicure — but not entirely —  because I’ve learned a few things that help me ditch mom guilt.

I’m going to share of few tips that will stop mom guilt in its tracks and remind you why self-care is so important.  

Be Aware

The first thing to do is to be aware. We have to become aware of our thoughts and where they’re going. When we become really aware, we can learn to monitor them.

It sounds weird, but think about what you’re thinking. Is it helpful or positive? Does it make you feel good or bad? Now listen, I know our thoughts can’t be sunshine and unicorns all day, every day. Someone has to make the grocery list and schedule the doctor appointments. But, if it’s not necessary and it makes you feel bad, we can go ahead and decide to let that thought pattern go!

Switch Things Up

When my mind starts taking me on a path that I don’t like, I have to make a quick change. That could mean getting up and going for a quick walk (even to the end of the driveway helps). It can be turning on a song you love. (Can we take a moment for music and singing out loud? What a mood shift, right?) It can even be just deciding to think about something that brings a literal smile to your face. (These days that’s our new puppy. I can’t think about her without smiling.)

Pour from a Full Cup

I also want to remind you, because I think we all know but forget, you can’t pour from an empty cup. That’s not just a cute phrase. It’s a fact.

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As moms, we get so busy and can put so much pressure on ourselves. We probably should because “momming” is such an important role! So let’s go ahead and give ourselves some self-care. Fill your cup without feeling guilty. Your family is going to reap the rewards when you show up less irritable and more present.  

A woman ironing in the woods.That’s it, friend. Become aware of your thoughts. Have a plan of action ready for when they take a turn for the guilt lane. Remind yourself that self-care is necessary and benefits the whole family. I hope this helps even one mama out there enjoy that massage chair and the pedicure for the entire 30-40 minutes! 


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