The Joy of No Plans


A family lounges on the couch at home in comfortable clothes.

I think we all know the feeling: Those fabulous weekends with NO PLANS! Aren’t they magical? It took me a while to understand the value of these weekends, and I want to share why you might want to put them on rotation for your family.  

First, I get it. We’re all so busy these days. It’s almost like a badge of honor to be fully booked and involved in all the things. Plus, there’s so much value in extracurricular activities.

We started soccer when my littles were two. I love that they learned structure, how to follow directions, and what being on a team feels like. I love watching them in their continued sports and their interest in school clubs. I’m all for activities that grow and stretch them.  

But . . .

I’ve learned the value of rest for all of us. I’ve learned not to over commit us.

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Benefits the Family as a Whole

As a type-A mama who loves to be involved and loves to encourage my kids to try new things, this took some major adjusting. I’ve found that we all thrive with at least one weekend a month that is free of plans.

On weekends with no plans, we often have pizza or “brinner” (breakfast for dinner) and have movie night. In the morning, we eat breakfast slowly, enjoying bacon, eggs, AND pancakes. We clean up and clean out.

We go on walks around the neighborhood or play soccer in the yard. It’s rejuvenating for all of us. We’re less cranky, more relaxed, more organized, and happier. Also, and most important to my mama heart, it brings us closer as a family.  

I encourage you to try it. Try one weekend with no plans.

Encourages Creativity and Imagination

When there aren’t any plans, you can learn a little about what your kids like to do when there is no structure.

I watched my son and daughter play with dolls for an hour. They created all sorts of scenarios and used their imagination. If it weren’t for this downtime, it wouldn’t have happened.

In addition to their booming imagination, my kiddo’s artistic and creative skills blossomed. My son has started drawing elaborate pictures of characters he likes doing crazy things. My daughter is writing short stories. It’s wild and I love it!

Worth It

Here it is: Your permission to politely decline plans to spend time with your family. Once I fully leaned into this, I felt us all relax a little. We’re not on auto-pilot with all the commitments anymore.

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This means we can decide what we truly want to do with our time. Give it a try, and I bet you’ll learn a little about yourself and your children. I bet you’ll start some new traditions. Overall, I bet you’ll all feel more relaxed, which is worth it!


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