Settling into the Sandwich Generation :: Episode 80


A young girl in the middle of her grandmother and motherWE. ARE. BACK. Episode 80, “Settling into the Sandwich Generation,” kicks off a very special season where we are on the hunt for a new co-host and are hanging out with tons of interesting women — still doing what we do best — discussing the beauty and burden of motherhood. YAY!

You will hear from an old friend in this episode — Erinn Anderson. She joined us in a previous episode when we were talking about parenting kiddos with ADHD. You can listen to that jewel here: What It’s Like to Parent a Child with ADHD. But today, we are chatting about the “sandwich generation.” It has nothing to do with lunch, and everything to do with being in the middle of caregiving for two generations. The sandwich generation is a good, pertinent topic, if you are in the middle of it with us, or it’s on the horizon.

Erinn is a Fort Worth native, medical social worker, wife, and mother to two zany children. She spends her sparse free time scoping out new restaurants and recipes to try in her beloved Instant Pot, walking on the Trinity Trails, and falling asleep while attempting to watch Netflix.

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