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For The Love Of Joy is giving one of our lucky readers there pick of a beautiful boppy cover in aqua, peach or cactus!

Anna of FTLOJ creates modern quilted goods for you and yours.  She specializes in quilted nursery and home decor and designing quilts.  You will find a mix of both modern and traditional designs in her products.   She believes in creating items that will bring the feeling of joy whether it’d be the name of your baby on a pillow, your favorite color and pattern combinations on your camera strap, or the memories that will be made when you share a quilt with your family.

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Anna shares a bit of her own Feeding Journey :

FTLOJ was created 3 1/2 years ago when I first became a mom and was going back to school full time studying graphic design.  I had been sewing for a while and like many other women out there, I was told that I should sell my products.  I took an online class about the handmade market and decided to do it.  What was there to lose?  I learned a lot the first year my shop was open: finding out my style and making products that no one else offered at the time.  Once I started making my Quilted Patchwork Boppy Covers and my Child’s Name Pillows was when my shop really took off.  I am very grateful for the success of my shop because it helped my family financially so I could finish school!

My favorite baby item is Ithe Boppy Pillow, hands down.  The first two weeks of my child’s life I was boppy-less.  I had a hard time breastfeeding in the first place and then I was all hunched over trying to hold him up and it put a lot of strain on my back.  I was the first one of my friends to have a baby so nobody knew to suggest this item to me.  When I discovered that there was such a pillow for nursing, I quickly bought it and found relief right away.  At the time, boppy covers were very plain and ordinary and I wanted something different.  And that’s when my boppy covers came about.  I love being able to offer custom covers to match someone’s home decor whether it be their baby’s nursery or their living room.  Like most moms, I had a hard time breastfeeding but kept with it.  I hope that my boppy covers can offer the some kind of encouragement and to let moms know, that when they look down at their baby’s on their custom boppy, that the difficulty is worth it and that it won’t last forever.

I am an advocate for breast feeding and natural supplementation. I believe in giving our children the very best of the best naturally and nutritionally which is why from now on, I’ll be giving 10% of my profits from my boppy cover sales to organizations who help and educate mothers about breast feeding. For the rest of July and all of August, 10% will be given to Tarrant County Breast Feeding Coalition.  I am also retiring my custom Quilted Boppy Covers at the end of August.  Please place an order soon before you miss your chance!

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This giveaway will close at 9 pm on Wednesday, August 7th.  We will announce the winner on our Facebook page.  Good luck!




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