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Right out of the gate, I want you to know, dear reader, that this is not a sponsored post. There was no exchange of services for advertising, no monies paid for this review. Also, this post is not a favor or something sweet I worked out for a friend. While the Fort Worth Moms Blog rarely does so, this post is simply a shout out to say thanks for outstanding service, business integrity, and an excellent experience.

After I worked with and saw the great work of Life in Design Photography owner Christina White, who—bonus—is a Tarrant County mom, I decided to hire her for my youngest daughter’s six-month pictures. (Okay, okay, they ended up being her 7-month pictures, but we were close. Ah, problems of the second child.)

And no one needs to tell you or me that capturing all the cute and cuddly of the infant days is no small feat. So how did we end up with such darling shots and little-to-no tears shed by anyone?

For both my daughters, I’ve found these tips to help when it comes to picture day:

Baby in playroomStay home. To make the photo shoot experience more comfortable for baby (and mama too; who are we kidding?), I prefer to conduct the session at home. Thus, the baby doesn’t have to navigate and process unfamiliar surroundings, noises, and so forth while also trying to figure out why you are constantly waving, clapping, making faces, shaking toys, and saying, “Smile,” all in high-pitched voices. You also are spared the stress of packing the kitchen sink and other necessities to make the outing even possible. And quite frankly, to me, there is something endearing about having those first year photos taken at home, reflecting the nest and nestle of those early days.

And if the wee one is at home, then he or she will likely stay on schedule. The stress of shortened naps or delayed feedings or forgotten items will not exist and cannot impact the baby’s normal routine. All of this translates into a more relaxed mom and dad, and most important, a calm, confident baby. Full tummy + full rest + clean diaper = more successful photo shoot for baby.

Be hospitable to the photographer. Offer snack and/or beverage. Show him or her the restroom. Help the photographer not only feel comfortable, but also be comfortable in your home. Along those lines, allow the photographer to tour the house (either supervised or not; we let Christina roam about freely while I finished dressing baby) to ascertain the best rooms for lighting, photo options, etc.

3Consider your desires, but concede to the professional. It is wise to think about locations in your home where you want photos taken. For instance, we for sure wanted pictures in the baby’s bedroom and one or two taken in a chair once owned by the girls’ great grandmother. However, we followed Christina’s lead otherwise, adjusting furniture if need be to gain the best conditions for the camera. The photographer can produce the best end product if he or she can direct the shoot. Lighting, angles, and such make a big difference; allow the professional to take the lead in this.

Find those favorites! Pick out your favorite outfits for the little one before the scheduled shoot time. (Also, remember that you may end up in a picture or two, even if that wasn’t the plan because sometimes baby just needs a cuddle. And we all know Daddy produces the best laughs. So dress accordingly.) While the photographer will likely bring a few props/toys, have your favorite props handy. For example, I used one of my scarves, the blanket from the adoption agency, and my dad’s childhood rocking chair as props. Christina brought toys to get baby’s attention, which was a stellar idea. New toys get lots of attention from curious hands! Finally, consider the baby’s favorites: toys, blankies, snacks, music, etc. All of this helps the baby enjoy and feel more comfortable with the picture taking.

7aEmbrace patience. Baby won’t laugh at the usual antics. Baby will want to be held. Baby will want to touch the camera over and over. Baby will sleep longer than expected. Baby will eat later or earlier than expected. A blow-out diaper will happen. So embrace patience; everything won’t go as normal or as planned. And that’s okay. If you stay relaxed, more than likely baby will too.

Christina was great with traveling to our pad. And she was so gracious and generous with her time, happily pausing so baby could feed and get a fresh diaper. I also appreciated her interaction with my four-year-old, who was asking 400 questions, interested in crashing a pic or two, and determined to help.

We received our photos in a timely manner via online viewing, had multiple purchasing options, and did not need to take out a second mortgage to pay for the session, files, or prints. As you can tell from the photos included in this post; the pictures are wonderful. (I mean it does help that the model was so adorable.)

Life in Design Photography offers multiple options: newborn/infant/children sessions, maternity shots, family photos, bridal portraits, senior pictures, holiday mini sessions, head shots, and event photography. Right now is a phenomenal time to book with Christiana, the owner of Life in Design Photography. She is currently offering discounted fall mini session. These sessions are the perfect opportunity to grab a family portrait for holiday cards. Visit Life in Design Photography’s website and Facebook for more information about scheduling an appointment.

Thank you, Life in Design Photography!




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