Books on Mindfulness for the Whole Family

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As a mom of two who struggles with anxiety, I worry about my children being affected by it or inheriting it from me.

The advancements in technology and the internet put much more of the world at our children’s fingertips, which can be good and bad. Finding time for quiet and meditation can be hard to come by in such a busy world. But there are many resources out there for the whole family, particularly books about mindfulness, that can help create that quiet space.

Here’s a list of mindful reading resources divided by age that can help you and your children become centered, aware, and at peace.

Books for Babies and Toddlers

These books are a great intro into ways you can do mindfulness activities, even with the littlest ones. 

1. Elmo Is Mindful by Random House :: A great look at emotions and what you can do to help settle them, with some of your favorite Sesame Street characters. 
2. Sometimes All I Need Is Me by Juliana Perdomo :: A first book about self-care and having a cozy happy place at home. 
3. Mindfulness Moments for Kids: Hot Cocoa Calm by Kira Willey :: There is a whole series of Mindfulness Moments for Kids, and they all talk about different ways to find calm and peace either through breath or other techniques. 

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A mom and her kids sit on the couch to meditate.Books for Small Kiddos and Preschoolers 

As our kids grow out of the baby and toddler phase, they may feel nervous when experiencing new things or going to preschool for the first time. These books about mindfulness have helpful ways to support our kiddos as they learn, grow, and adjust to the world around them.

1. Mindfulness Activities for Kiddos (and Their Grown-Ups) by Sally Arnold :: A great guide for the whole family with activities to help with stress and anxiety and create a space for mindfulness. 
2. The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld :: A beautiful look at empathy and how sometimes all we need is someone to just listen. 
3. You Are a Lion! And Other Fun Yoga Poses by Taeeun Yoo :: A really fun look into yoga and how it can help calm the mind. 

Books for Elementary Kids

When kids enter elementary school, or even if they are homeschooled, it is an exciting time! But there is a lot more for their brains to process. These books are great for learning to take the time they need for themselves and helping them work through all their emotions. 

1. A Little Space for Me by Jennifer Gray Olson :: This is a great look at mindfulness and finding a quiet spot for yourself within a busy world. This is one of my daughter’s favorites!
2. My Magic Breath: Finding Calm Through Mindful Breathing by Nick Ortner :: A book to help you connect with your breath to work through emotions. A favorite in our house. My daughter has read this at school and says she uses her “magic breath” at school. 
3. May All People and Pigs Be Happy by Micki Fine Pavlicek :: A wonderful book to introduce how meditation can help with our feelings and help us feel happier. 

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Books for Middle Schoolers

Middle school can be hard. Most kids are going through a LOT of changes. These books are great resources for tweens, teens, and their families.

  1. Superpowered: Transform Anxiety into Courage, Confidence, and Resilience by Renee Jain :: Help with recognizing anxious behavior and ways to deal with it to feel super!
  2. The Self-Compassionate Teen by Karen Bluth :: A guide for being kind to yourself and others. 
  3. Creative Coping Skills for Teens and Tweens by Bonnie Thomas :: This is a great activity guide for teens, tweens, and other family members. It provides exercises through yoga and arts and crafts to help with mindfulness. 

mindfulnessBooks for High Schoolers

As our kids enter the high school world and we wonder where the time has gone, it can be emotional to see them start to make life choices on their own. These books are helpful for teens to take a moment, slow down, and work through what they are feeling. 

  1. This Moment Is Your Life (and So Is This One) by Mariam Gates :: A hands-on guide to meditation, mindfulness, and yoga for tweens and teens. Moms can benefit from it, too!
  2.  Your Life, Your Way by Joseph V. Ciarrochi :: A look into how to deal with all the pressures of life your own way. 
  3. Mindfulness for Teens in 10 Minutes a Day by Jennie Marie Battisin :: This is a great place to start for teens. It gives quick and easy ways to deal with stress and activities and tips on being mindful.
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Books for Parents

Being a parent to a child of any age comes with challenges. We have emotions and feelings that can be hard to work through, too! These books help parents process those emotions and also help adults connect with what our kids might be feeling or going through.

1. The Highly Sensitive Parent by Elaine N. Aron :: This book looks into more than just mindfulness. It is a great book to learn how you can be more attuned to yourself and your children if you are a highly sensitive person. This book helped me a lot, as I am a sensitive person. 
2. Play Therapy Activities for Mindfulness by Melissa LaVigne :: I love this book! It breaks down what mindfulness is and how to work through all the different stages while playing with your child. A great addition to any family reading. 
3. Self-Compassion for Parents by Susan M. Pollak :: This is a great book to practice mindfulness towards yourself and then help teach it to your children. I find myself going back to this one often. 

I hope this list of mindful reading helps you and your children. Many of these books have made a difference to our family because they’ve helped us learn to deal with new emotions and all the changes happening around us. 

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