Local Community Service Projects and Volunteer Ideas for Kids of Every Age

A way to serve others.

Serving others has always been a huge part of my life. Once we had our daughter, I wanted some way for her to be involved. I was surprised at what my daughter was able to do, even at the age of one.

I have now done many service projects with her, and she is just two. So yes, your child can serve others no matter what age.

Not only was volunteering instilled in me when I was young, but I want it instilled in my children. Volunteering and giving back teaches many life skills such as empathy, teamwork, and responsibility.

Fort Worth Moms created a list of area nonprofits that support women and their families: “Fort Worth Moms Supports These Nonprofits — and You Can Too!” Use that as a guide for where you want to show support, and click on the age range of your kids (ranges below) to learn how to show that support.

Places to Serve Around North Texas

There are many places to serve around the North Texas area. Due to COVID, please call ahead of time to see what their policies are and if they allow volunteers at this time. Here are just a few places to serve in locally:

Community Service :: For the Whole Family 

Click on the photo of each age range of your children. You will find ideas curated just for those ages, along with ideas for how to cultivate compassion as well.

Community service and volunteer ideas for kids ages two to four years old.Children ages five to 10 years old can volunteer.Young adults ages 11 to teenagers can give back to their local communities by volunteering.What are some ways you serve others with your child? Let us know in the comments section!

Tess is an Arlington native, who only moved away for her time at Texas A&M University, where she obtained an early childhood through sixth grade education degree. After graduation, she moved back to Arlington, started teaching, and married the man of her dreams. She then pursued her masters in mind, brain, and education from the University of Texas at Arlington. She now has a beautiful two-year-old daughter. Tess is currently the director of children's ministries at a church in Arlington. She loves travel, nature, and being with family.


  1. I like how you mentioned many life qualities, such as empathy, collaboration, and responsibility, are learned via volunteering and giving back. When I was in college I think about it differently, there is really numerous information in this article that helps me. I’m grateful for your advice about community service for kids.


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