All Season Sensory Table

Last year we purchased the typical water table with all the bells and whistles, whirly-gigs, and spouts.  It provided hours of entertainment but by the end of summer the legs were buckling from the frequent use, so we decided it had served its $40 worth and we put it out with the bulk trash.

This summer I have smarted up!  I noticed when I dropped Wyatt off for preschool one morning that the kids were playing with a sensory table filled with rice and all sorts of fun.  I immediately asked the preschool director about it, and she sent me to the Discount School Supply website.

You see, normally when I need to get dinner made and the munchkins are fighting or hanging on me, I whip out the big guns – dried pinto beans, Tupperware and spoons.  They LOVE it.  Only problem is the beans don’t stay so contained and I step on rogue pinto beans for the next week and a half.

This table I knew would be the perfect solution! Right now it is on the patio and will be used for lots of water play.  When the weather turns cooler this fall/winter, we will bring it inside and fill it with rice/beans in the corner of our breakfast nook. It is the perfect height for both my 3 year old and 18 month old (who are both short like their parents – dang genetics).  It also has a lid, that I must note is super handy but does not lock – it is only placed on top so it doesn’t restrict access.

We got THIS ONE and the LID is separate.

I would HIGHLY recommend it.  Twice the price of last year’s water table but I see it being a toy that gets MANY years of use…..just think of them being able to make their own playdoh in it or help with cooking!  Or even using it to store craft supplies in and then they can use the lid as a table!

Here are my two munchkins in a ghetto, off-centered iPhone pic enjoying their table!  Note, this sensory table does not have a “no pants, no play” rule!

sensory table

What is your latest toy find that has you telling all your mommy friends about it?

Emily S
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