Adrianne hails from the great city of Chicago, but has been a Texan for eight years now, y’all! She’s married to her wonderful husband, Brandon, who was a long distance, Facebook love that she met thanks to a mutual friend. Together they have a two-year-old daughter named Zoey. She is a professional school counselor and owner of Everyday Occasion event planning. She loves a good celebration and anything Christmas! Motherhood has been the most rewarding and challenging time of her life, and she can’t wait to share it with you!
eater eggs

An Eggciting Easter :: Safe & Fun Ideas for Little Ones

My daughter absolutely loves pancakes and pancakes made into different shapes makes everything even more exciting. Check out these cookie cutters from Amazon to make your pancakes and/or cookies.
Celebrate Black history month at school.

Help Your Child’s School Celebrate Black History Month

You can't assume anything is being taught. Find out what programming is taking place, and if nothing has been planned or you feel as if the programming is insufficient, ask the principal if you can create something for the students.
It can be hard to be a black mother to a black child.

The Joys of Parenting While Black

Black parents can find joy in our ancestral past. Teaching my daughter about her ancestors has been a highlight of my parenting journey. We love finding children's books that discuss Black History.
Celebrate Kwanzaa with your family.

Celebrate Kwanzaa :: What You Need to Know

When I had my daughter, I was determined to teach her about her ancestral history and hopefully engrain a sense of pride in her African-American roots.
Try swapping meat-based dishes for vegetarian plates this Thanksgiving.

Tasty Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes for Thanksgiving

I am a meat-eating, cheese-loving, and mostly carb-binging, busy wife and mom, but I have tried hard to swap out some of my family's unhealthy food choices for those that are plant-based, less fat, and/or fewer calories. 

The Truth About Black Women’s Maternal Health

Regrettably, there are modern-day doctors that still do not believe Black mothers when they complain of pain. Many times they are dismissed, which ends in the scathing stats that state that I have a 28 percent chance of leaving the hospital with the funeral home rather than my family. 
These recipes are straight from Granny's mind and to your soul food Sunday table

Soul Food Sunday :: Granny’s Favorites

Granny, as she is affectionately called, is one of the best chefs I know. She rarely uses a recipe and just seasons and tastes as she goes. It was one of my life goals to be able to replicate my favorite recipes of hers, but she almost never had one to follow.