Alesha is a native of Mt. Pleasant, Texas. After graduating from TCU with her nursing degree, she later met her true love, Troy Brown Sr. She started her journey to motherhood at the age 40. Along with being a wife, motherhood is her truest joy. It is never a dull moment with her son and daughter, both under the age of two. Alesha enjoys singing, scrapbooking, and watching Law & Order with her husband.
Use these tips when taking a road trip with toddlers.

How to Road Trip with a Toddler

My daughter's behavior was in far contrast to my son's disposition. Now I can see how a road trip with a toddler can quickly turn a sweet child into having a case of road rage.

Created by Black Moms for All Moms

I'm proud to know so many of the items I use from day to day were invented by Black moms, for all moms.
Read books that show images of Black children in a positive light.

4 Black-Inclusive Books :: How to Create Positive Self-Image for Black Toddlers

At the tender ages of one and two, my husband and I added books to our children's book collection that depicted Black boys and girls on cover, because reading is fundamental at this age. It is also important to see and identify with the images on the page.
Fort Worth has several great tea shops.

Tea Time, Anyone?

Whether you're at home or out on the town, a warm cup of tea is great at any time of the year. Be creative. Order your own special blend. Make it an enjoyable time with family and friends.
Placing American flags in your yard is a great way to show appreciation on Veterans Day.

Thanking Those Who Served

We appreciate those who served and are now serving our country. So many fathers and mothers were separated from their families days to years at a time. They put their families on the line for us and our freedom. 
Domestic violence can be a hard topic to discuss.

He Seemed like a Nice Guy :: The Aftermath of Domestic Abuse

He seemed like a very nice guy when we met him. He seemed to bring happiness to Mary's life. She seemed in love with the perfect guy. Little did we know, he often raised his hand to harm to her.

Hey Mama, Take Your Time

He took time to admire the sky. "Airplane, Mommy, Airplane," he said. In this moment nothing else mattered. It took me away from of all of thoughts of "what if." Do I have dinner ready? What about the ants? What about the ground being too warm? Never mind all that.