Andrena moved to Texas as a newlywed in 2006. She and her husband, Elten, have two active and loving boys, Ernest (born in 2009) and Andruw (born in 2010). Andrena finds great joy in simple living. She loves good food, good friends, and good conversation. In her free time, she likes to write and photograph her family. You can follow her personal blog at myandrena.com.
Sibling rivalry is real.

Replacing Sibling Rivalry with Unity

Wait! I wave my hands in a panic. Why are you talking to each other like that?! My eyes bulge in shock and surprise. I was so confident their shared bloodline would unite them stronger than the Spartans. Hello??!! Didn’t you read the words on the wall of my womb when you were in there? It said, “Love. one. another.” In other words, chill out! Share! Be nice!
house cleaning

A Working Mom’s Secrets for Keeping House

Managing home responsibilities is exhausting when I am exhausted. The last thing a person wants to do from working all day outside of the home is to come home and work inside the home.
Teach your boys to do domestic chores.

Cinderfella! Chores and Boys

Boys are not exempt from household chores! In fact, I have learned they like to be helpful in the home when given the opportunity. The key is consistency in having a plan, providing them with explicit instruction, and modeling how you want things done first.

Helicopter Moms, Hover On

Exactly what is a helicopter mom? From what I gather, a helicopter mom is a mother who is overly concerned with her children, not providing them space to grow, roam free, and become their own...
superman cape

Santa, the Easter Bunny, and Supermom

My girlfriend and I recently talked about Supermom. The mom we longed to be, the one who comes in and transforms the disheveled lives we often experienced as mothers. The mom who does not know...

Let’s Talk About Race, Baby

Sweet Kate. Every day I think about such a thing, and soon enough, my sons will be thinking about such a thing as well. The impedance of race is an undeniable weight. Conversation about race...
taco recipe

Summer Meals: An Easy Budget and Time Saving Tip

It's summertime! Who doesn't have time to be in the kitchen fretting over meals? This mama right here. For my family, summer meals are light and refreshing, easy on time and on the budget. I'm...