Anna moved to Fort Worth fresh out of college in hopes of finding a job. She quickly landed a teaching job on the northside of town and has officially declared Texas her home “for the time being.” Spending the last two and half years in her “cloffice,” she devoted all of her evenings and weekends to online lectures, grad school assignments, and research. She recently graduated with her masters in special education with an emphasis in dyslexia and acquired a strong dislike of statistics and APA7 in the process. Married for 21 years and a mom to three teens, she spends her free time recouping the thousands and thousands of hours of lost sleep that motherhood gifted her. When not napping, you can find her listening to her favorite crime podcasts, singing showtunes, or attending any school event that involves her talented offspring. She openly shares her journey of parenting a neurodiverse teenager through the unpredictable, yet rewarding, days of high school to help families like hers.
How can children with ADHD succeed at virtual learning

Virtual Learning and the ADHD Child

I would love to share a few things from my "bag of tricks" with you in an effort to save you all some of the stress that can accompany an online learning platform with an ADHD child.
We see what teachers are experiencing in the classroom and out of the classroom in the pandemic.

Dear Fellow Teacher, I See You

I see you all. I am here for you all. I stand with you all. None of us went into the teaching profession for the fame and fortune it brings. We chose this career because of our desire to help others. And sometimes, it is the teachers, themselves, that need the help.
Children who have anxiety and are scared ay lash out in anger.

Addressing Childhood Anxiety

Identifying that your child is struggling with anxiety is the first step. Knowing what to do in order to help them, well, that can be the hard part.
Homeschooling can be tough for kids and parents.

Crisis Schooling My Quirky Kid and Living to Tell About It

There will be days when everything goes as planned and there will be days when every 30-minute block of time can be a battle. Some days it's all I can do to get my son to log in to his coursework — forget about doing any work. Then other times, he would work so long, without a fuss, that he even surprised himself.
Motherhood isn't always what we imagine, but we're strong mamas and can get through it.

Being “That Parent”

I must admit, one of my FAVORITE parts of motherhood is being "that parent." It allows me to help other mommas that are going through similar struggles by sharing our journey, the hills and the valleys. 
Peony in Hand

The Warrior Momma (of Special Needs) Handbook to Self-Care

Self-care is not a luxury when raising a child(ren) with special needs. It is downright essential to your well being and to the well being of your family. Pouring from an empty cup is the least of our worries when you think about it: Self-care, or taking your child to an appointment with the specialist that took six months to get? And boom . . . down the list it goes once again.
atypical child

When the Path Through School Isn’t Easy :: Raising an Atypical Child

The academics, he mastered. He mastered them in a heartbeat. It was the "everything else" he wasn't mastering. The listening to directions, keeping hands to oneself, and keeping emotions in check were far from being mastered. We were on the verge of being kicked out of the employee daycare center. Our whole family seemed to be in a downward spiral, and we looked for something, anything, to stop it.