Beth and her husband, Joe, met in Oklahoma but were quickly transplanted to Texas in pursuit of full-time ministry. Mama to three perfectly unique and spunky girls, she spends her time adventuring in the day-to-day. She loves Jesus, all the plants, and sipping coffee while listening to other people’s stories. Read some of them, and her own thoughts on the joys and trials of faith and parenting at Psalm One Twenty Six. Or follow her on Instagram. Beth joined the team as the community sponsorship coordinator in March 2018, but now works as a co-host for the Momfessions Podcast.
The pros and cons of different types of schooling options for kids

One Year, One Child at a Time

I hoped to have the freedom of homeschool without the need to come up with my own curriculum. But when I received the schedule, I was devasted.

What We Wish We Knew About Kindergarten :: Momfessions Podcast :: Episode 40

It's magical and a mile marker -- in your child's life and yours. Beth and Emily -- and a few call-in friends -- share some secrets they wish they knew before the big kindergarten year. Take a listen!
Egg cracks open reveal chick counting days

Easter Hope in a Time of Quarantine

Times like these, ones in which we feel out of control, have the power to transform us. What feels like breaking may actually be exactly what is needed to move forward and to grow. Times like these cause us to step back and re-evaluate what really matters.
woman leg sleeping bed

I’ll Always Long for You :: A Love Letter to My Bed

I will always want to be with you. I will still find ways to sneak away with you on on quiet afternoons, relishing whatever moments we can steal together.
SeaWorld San Antonio

Family Vacation Destination: San Antonio — Part 2

A local Texas mom visits SeaWorld San Antonio with her family and shares fun, affordable tips on where to stay, what to do, and where to dine.
family bugs bunny daffy duck

Family Vacation Destination: San Antonio — Part 1

The new Hilton Texas-Sized Savings program allows families to plan a dream vacation without breaking the bank. I could write a book about our action-packed weekend in Alamo City, but because I know you're a busy mama, I will give you my takeaways and tips so you can just go experience it yourself!
starting first grade

A Letter to My Daughter on Her Last Day of Kindergarten

I am prouder of you than there are words to tell you. Your toothless grin and endless drawings and stories are just external evidence of a breathtaking transformation. Leaving the cocoon of home and walking down those halls has given us both wings. I am learning to share your awesomeness with others, and seeing you learn to love is my gift.