Beth and her husband, Joe, met in Oklahoma but were quickly transplanted to Texas in pursuit of full-time ministry. Mama to three perfectly unique and spunky girls, she spends her time adventuring in the day-to-day. She loves Jesus, all the plants, and sipping coffee while listening to other people’s stories. Read some of them, and her own thoughts on the joys and trials of faith and parenting at Psalm One Twenty Six. Or follow her on Instagram. Beth joined the team as the community sponsorship coordinator in March 2018, but now works as a co-host for the Momfessions Podcast.
woman serving fruit tart

Gluten-Free Local Restaurant Bucket List

We are a family who loves our food, but we've had to abandon several of our favorite restaurants because they don't have gluten-free options. Now, with a little research, I am learning that Fort Worth, and all of the communities interwoven between here and Dallas, have so much to offer!
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Motherhood 2.0: The Evolution of Mom

The beauty of motherhood is that we didn't become moms because we had somehow "arrived," we are moms because we have so much yet to learn. Motherhood refines us, strips us down, roughs us up, and spits us out all shiny, wise, and grey haired.
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How to Find the Perfect Baby Name

My husband and I gazed into the purple-red face of our third baby girl, "Well, what does she look like? Do any names come to mind?" Without missing a beat, my ever-loving husband leaned in and proclaimed, "Raisin."
mother with baby

Galacta Goddess? Maybe Not. {When Breastfeeding Is Hard}

Woman after woman feels the sting of “failure” when feeding her baby becomes a battle. So, is it our failure as women or mothers, or are we putting an expectation on breastfeeding that is simply unrealistic?
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Dog Day Cicada Summer {How to Hunt for Cicadas with Your Kids}

I looked down at the stone I had just removed from my flower bed, a creature so hideous stared back at me clawing the air with its dirt covered talons. Brown and somewhat translucent,...
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Why Your Mom-Bod Is Freaking Awesome

You can’t hate the way you look while telling the child who looks like you that he or she is beautiful.
Minivans can make life easier for moms and families.

Confessions of a Minivan Convert

This vehicle is a mommy Swiss army knife. I have compartments of all sizes to store (or hide) anything I could possibly want. It even has a compartment that cools beverages, which, by the way, can find their homes in any one of 15 cup holders!