Beth and her husband, Joe, met in Oklahoma but were quickly transplanted to Texas in pursuit of full-time ministry. Mama to three perfectly unique and spunky girls, she spends her time adventuring in the day-to-day. She loves Jesus, all the plants, and sipping coffee while listening to other people’s stories. Read some of them, and her own thoughts on the joys and trials of faith and parenting at Psalm One Twenty Six. Or follow her on Instagram. Beth joined the team as the community sponsorship coordinator in March 2018, but now works as a co-host for the Momfessions Podcast.

Pregnant Thoughts on a Second VBAC

You might be a home-birth, medicine-free, labor under the stars kind of super woman, or a "hook me up with that sweet, sweet epidural" powerhouse. Whether you give birth in your bed, a bath, or in the hospital, you and your body are undergoing nothing less than the extraordinary.
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The Great Clothing Surrender (Learning to Lose the Insignificant Battles)

I have to ask myself daily: Am I fighting this out of personal preference or because it is shaping her character? If it isn't the latter, it's time to drop it. I will fight for her to learn things like respect, kindness, and empathy, but if my battle is just that, MINE, I'm learning to release my pride and move on.
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Broken Motherhood: Surviving Postpartum Psychosis

Studies suggest that nearly 1 in 5 women will suffer from a postpartum mood disorder. If you or someone you know is suffering silently after the birth of a child, here are some ways to start the healing process.

The Best Books (for All Ages) from 2016

2016 brought with it several great new publications for all ages. Here are some read-aloud titles you can pick up at one of the many Fort Worth Public Library locations . . . .

You, Your Child, And the Talk

"Hey kiddo, let's talk about body safety." I've said these words so many times now, I know what's coming. "Do you remember the body safety rules?" Finally she says, "Yes! It's like if a...

Love My Local: East Fort Worth and Surrounding Area

If you look at a boundary map of Fort Worth, you will notice a long eastern arm extending nearly to Irving. This area, with its striking resemblance to a Mid-Cities handshake, is where I...

Things Learned from Turkey and Sushi

A Brand New World I married into the coolest family. Not many people can say they like their in-laws or they look forward to the family dynamic of Thanksgiving. I am blessed to claim both. As...