Born in El Paso, Texas, Bianca moved to Mansfield in 1994. Now, she resides in the North Arlington area with her son, Dorian. She graduated from the University of North Texas in 2016 with her Bachelor of Arts in Social Science. She hopes to return to school and get a graduate degree in public administration. Her dream job is to run a local non-profit or start her own. Currently, Bianca is invested in women’s issues concerning mother’s rights in the workplace as well as reproductive justice and maternal mortality. Bianca is part of the LGBTQ community and uses the intersection of race, class, and gender in her writing. She loves trying out new restaurants and taking mini trips to Austin. Some of her favorite things include cider beer, rap and indie music, ULTA shopping sprees, SXSW, and reading more than one book at a time.
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Growing Up Assimilated: Reclaiming Cultural Identity

Learning about struggles of minorities opened up my eyes to a different world I knew nothing about. I never experienced discrimination or racism. I went through my whole life unscathed because I had assimilated so well. I knew nothing of illegal deportations, school segregation, or lynchings that Mexican-Americans endured.
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Exclusively Pumping: Tips, Tricks, and Tidbits

If you've found yourself in a situation where nursing is impossible, I encourage you not to give up. You may feel all sorts of emotions about pumping instead of nursing, but rather than look at the glass half full, recognize you're still giving the best nutrition to your baby, no matter how it's transferred.
parenting transgender

Parenting a Transgender or Intersex Child: Dos and Don’ts

“She” now becomes “he.” “Anna” is now “Andrew.” In order to validate the transition, it’s crucial to recognize the child you had before is no longer. Support for the decision starts with viewing them as another gender.
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Six Ways to Channel Your Inner Child

Despite some abnormalities, the '90s had one thing going for it: bean bag chairs. Don't want to sit on the floor, but also don't want to sit on the sofa? Bean bag chair. Want to be somewhat eye level with the TV and destroy your retinas? Bean bag chair.
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Monologues of Madness :: Part 3 — Recovery

As far as Dorian goes, we're on the right track. I love him endlessly. He's my beautiful little cherub. I can't help but shower him with affection any chance he'll let me. One day, I want to tell him everything. I want him to know this wasn't easy for me, but it was worth it. Although this may be the greatest pain I've had to endure in life, he is the good that's come out of it.

A Very Merry Mother’s Day Interview

For Mother's Day, I decided to interview my mom about all things motherhood. Although we live together, we've never really had a chance to discuss what motherhood was like for her or how she views me as a mom. We did this via phone, as she was out of town for work. I did have to edit out some funny moments in order to keep this as concise as possible, but I learned a lot about her in the process. I love you, mom!
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It’s Time to Normalize the Sex Talk

What kind of mother would I be if I never talked to my son about the dangers of unprotected sex? Or about sexual harassment? Sex education is not just about what pleasures we gain from it, but also about sexual health and family planning. The aim of sexual education is to foster healthy sex practices. For our children's sake, the outdated version of the dreaded sex talk has to change.