Bianca was born and raised in beautiful Fort Worth, of first-generation Mexican immigrants. At 22, she met her soulmate, and they now have an eight-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl. They relocated to Burleson and love their new community. Bianca loves serving her local church, as a video producer. She also enjoys summer night walks with her family and trips to the park with her dogs, Kaiser and Koko. As a writer for Fort Worth Moms, she hopes to be uplifting and informative to the community.
A list of the top hair tools and hair products for pandemic hair

Pandemic Hair Help & Products You’ll Love

There are still reasons in the world to fix your hair! So, I made a list of hair products tp help. You're welcome.
Being pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic is difficult for expecting moms.

Pregnancy During a Pandemic

Knowing a virus is wreaking havoc in our world is weighing heavy on pregnant women. The uncertainty makes it hard to really feel good about the future. It causes doubts about whether going back to work is a good idea or if allowing visitors in your home would harm the new baby.
Congratulations to the moms who made it through 2020.

Congratulations Moms of 2020!

You got them to the finish line! It wasn’t what you envisioned but it was definitely unforgettable. Be pleased with yourself mom, you now have a school graduate!