Though not originally from Texas, Brittany got here as soon as she could. She met her husband in 2017 and moved to Fort Worth to be with him. Brittany was a first-grade teacher for 10 years but has begun a new journey of being a stay-at-home mom to be a beautiful boy. When not mom-ing by the seat of her pants, Brittany enjoys any reason to cook or bake, being outside, trying new classes, or writing about her life over at her blog Homemade Bee.
Create a personal mantra to help with negative self talk.

How to Keep Your Cool with Your Kids

To begin, make a list of the attitude or mindset you would like to focus on and manifest. This can be anything from thinking more positive than negative thoughts throughout the day, having more patience, or bringing a sense of calm serenity into your life.
University model schools can be a great schooling option.

Practical Tips for a Successful Back-to-School Season

Allow yourself a predetermined schedule that creates time for play, homework, snack, dinner, and some much-needed mom time.