Cameron, daughter of retired veteran James Holland, Sr., was born in Germany and raised right here in Fort Worth. She is raising two rambunctious boys, Aiden James (five years) and Camden (18 months). When able to catch a break, she enjoys coffee, blogging, singing, and loving Jesus. She’s always had a passion for helping others and wanting to conquer the world. She hopes to start her own non-profit organization raising awareness of langerhans cell histiocytosis for children and parents all over the world. When one emergency room visit to Cook Children’s led to a rare diagnosis, her life changed in the blink of an eye, and she’s not letting that stop her from leaving her mark on the world.
somber mother and baby

Parenting Through a Hard Season

Although I  couldn't have asked for any better support joining in on this part of our journey onto a road of recovery, it has not been easy for this mom. But I'm planning for us to to get through this season with the many different challenges we may face.
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To the One My Son Calls Teacher

I know you say that my son is a blessing, but, honestly, you too are a blessing to our lives in so many ways. My son truly does adore you and all that you do. Thank you for being understanding when his moods are all over the place, or when he doesn't have on his listening ears. You have made us feel more than welcomed in our first year at a new school.
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It’s Okay to Say No (When Your Child Is Sick or Recently Diagnosed)

Instead of trying to figure out everything all at once, take time to breathe and relax. I have found from living in the hospital for months that it's okay not to know everything and to take the backseat on certain situations.
Child Reads Bible

How Reading Daily Devotions Changed My Child

Having conversations with our kids about faith, life lessons, and self-reflect helps set the pace for the day, but it also encourages them and helps them to lead and become strong. I believe it starts with me, and leading well by reading devotionals has changed not only my perspective but also my child’s outlook on life and his perspective on situations.
Cameron Volunteer featured

Moms in the Community (11 Ways to Get Involved and Give Back)

The are numerous ways you can make an impact in your community with the ones you love or surrounded by others. It makes a difference, no matter how big or small or how much time you devote. It just makes the world all that much of a better place.
Veterans Day deals

Guide to Veterans Day Deals in Fort Worth

For your sacrifice and commitment, know that you are appreciated and loved. In honor of Veterans Day, here is a list of deals offered to you -- whether you are looking family restaurants, fast food, or something light. Or maybe you're just wanting to enjoy a nice breakfast or catch a nice breeze on the patio. There is something for you to enjoy on your own or with the family.