Carly is a stay at home mom to her daughter, Piper, and wife to a Fort Worth native, Mason. She loves making lists, long runs, warm coffee cuddled up on the couch, and a nice afternoon sitting on the patio chatting with friends.

Disciplining A Strong-Willed Child

Before you read any further, I should make one thing clear: The only thing I am 100% sure of when it comes to parenting is that I am sure of NOTHING. Looking for fool-proof tips...

The Dreaded Nap Transition

As a toddler mom, I LIVE for nap-time each day. After dealing with milk spills, epic tantrums, and super smelly diapers, it is the time each day that I have EARNED. Time for me...

Baby Proofing Your Home

A roll of toilet paper or paper towels completely unraveled. Zip-lock bags and Cheerios strewn all over the floor. Little hands in dog bowls, drawers, and toilets. These are many of the things you'll...

Getting Older . . . and Better!

Last week I had the ultimate "mommy day" planned: free babysitting from my dear mother-in-law, a mani/pedi in the afternoon (which was also paid for through a gift certificate from said MIL), a little...

I Tip My Hat to You, Single Mom

Last week, my husband went out of town to a conference for a very long weekend. Brandi wrote an excellent post about how to survive when Daddy travels, and though we don't experience travel...
girls and birthday party and birthday cake

Planning Baby’s First Birthday Party…Or a Wedding?

I still can't believe I am typing these words...my baby is about to turn ONE! Sometimes I catch myself, realizing that subconsciously there is a part of me that never thought we would make...

Daddy Diaries :: A Letter to My Little Valentine

A letter to my (little) valentine, I figure we'll have a baker's dozen before I have competition. On our first fourteenth, you are mine to hold, to kiss and to cuddle. But you are not my first,...