Chelsea has been a writer for as long as she can remember. She blogs about sustainable fashion, clean beauty, sewing, and intentional living. A Northeastern native, Chelsea now calls the mid-cities home with her husband, Travis; son, Logan; daughter, Alba; and rescue dog, Argos. She also leads the community group HEB Moms.
Moms in swimsuits of all styles.

Best Swimsuits for Moms

Most moms want something they can move around in, feel cute in, and most of all, not be exposed in should a child see an opportunity to grab hold of said suit.
birds eye view of blonde woman sitting on a mat meditating

How to Start a Meditation Practice for a Calmer Motherhood

If I had known that developing a consistent meditation practice was the key to managing stress and becoming less reactive, I would’ve done it a lot sooner.
circular terracotta colored cake with 'oh baby' written on it

10 Places to Host a Baby Shower in the Fort Worth Area

Hosting a baby shower at someone's house can be fun and personal, but having a shower at an outside venue has several advantages, too! First: no clean up! Second: It can elevate the event...
A woman holds out a shirt from a clothesrack.

Tips for Selling Secondhand and Consignment Clothes

It sometimes takes some trial and error — and stamina! — to find some gems. Sometimes I walk out of thrift stores empty-handed and other times my bags are stuffed.
tips for shopping second hand tarrant county

10 Tips for Thrifting and Shopping Secondhand

The thrifting and resale market is hot in North Texas, so if you’re ready to shop, we’ve got a list of tips and tricks to navigate thrifting and shopping secondhand — online and in person.
Paint rocks as a fun outdoor activity this fall.

13 Nature Crafts to Get You Outside This Fall

Put those devices down, grab your kids, grab some friends or neighbors, get outside, and get to crafting with these 13 ideas for fall nature crafts.
A rainbow baby is special but can bring up difficult emotions.

National Rainbow Baby Day :: 19 Resources for Parents

If you are expecting a rainbow baby, waiting for a rainbow baby, or raising a rainbow baby, below is a list of organizations, resources, and helpful articles for whatever you may be feeling.