Chelsea has been a writer and photographer for as long as she can remember. She blogs (primarily) about sustainable fashion, clean beauty, and intentional living, and she loves to photograph women in all stages of motherhood. A Northeastern native, Chelsea now calls DFW home with her husband, Travis; son, Logan; daughter, Alba; and rescue dog, Argos.
why staying off my phone makes me a better mom

Why Staying Off My Phone Has Made Me a Better (and Happier) Mom

I have had seasons of being on social media more than others but now that I have two little ones, I rarely have the time. It’s not that I don’t have the time to scroll, but I don’t have the time to coax myself out of the anxious spiral that I so quickly get wound up in after glancing at a few Facebook or Instagram posts.
baby crawling siblings mom

5 Tips for Maintaining Sanity This Summer with Babies and Toddlers at Home

summer is the perfect time to have a longer morning of play or to meet up somewhere, even if it’s just a park near your house or theirs. Nerd alert: I wrote an actual list of friends I want to be sure to meet up with regularly over the summer. 
hospital bag

Must-Haves to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

While not an absolute necessity, having a hospital bag packed for go-time can help alleviate stress and provide some comfort while in the hospital recovering from childbirth.
how to get dressed post pandemic

5 Must-Haves Clothes for Your Wardrobe this Spring and Summer

People everywhere are getting vaccinated and starting to think about real life again; I know I sure am. I like to carefully plan my wardrobe so as not to overbuy nor buy things I can’t get a lot of mileage out of.
How to organize family photos.

4 Simple Tips for Keeping Family Photos Organized

There are so many benefits of living in a digital world where we carry pretty amazing cameras in our back pockets. But rather than hand down your device to your grown child full of their memories, I think it’s worth the time and energy to make tangible photo books each year that can be shared and re-lived over and over. 
how to be minimalist at home

How I Attempt to Keep the Possessions in Our Home to a Minimum and...

Minimalism can be a loaded term in our culture. It’s not about austerity or living with as few possessions as possible. For me, it’s meant inner peace, learning to be a mindful consumer, and teaching my children how blessed we are to truly have enough.
27 unique gift ideas for valentine's day

26 Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Whole Family

The list includes a variety of price points, but overall gives a nod to many local businesses as well as non-toxic items to add to your home — nary a chocolate box or rose in sight!