Chelsea has been a writer and photographer for as long as she can remember. She blogs (primarily) about sustainable fashion, clean beauty, and intentional living, and she loves to photograph women in all stages of motherhood. A Northeastern native, Chelsea now calls DFW home with her husband, Travis; son, Logan; daughter, Alba; and rescue dog, Argos.
27 unique gift ideas for valentine's day

26 Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Whole Family

The list includes a variety of price points, but overall gives a nod to many local businesses as well as non-toxic items to add to your home — nary a chocolate box or rose in sight! 
Dress kids for the cold to go do activities outside.

50 Things to Do With Your Kids Outside This Winter

Children who are outside are healthier, happier, show fewer instances of ADHD, have a greater appreciation for the environment, and learn healthy, risk-taking skills.
Give up the idea of perfection this Thanksgiving and have gratitude.

What I Need to Hear This Holiday Season

If going on social media triggers you to feel shame or like you’re not doing enough for your family, don’t get on it. Unfollow or mute the “supermoms” who make you feel bad about yourself. I’d contend that social media is the no. 1 destroyer of joy and it will be no different this holiday season. 
what to wear for fall family photos

What to Wear for Your Fall Family Photo Session

SO. This year I’m going to take the advice I give clients and prepare early for our family photo session. Here’s what I tell my clients:
montessori activities for toddlers

No Pre-K This Fall? Give At-Home Montessori a Try

If I may, I believe Montessori is the perfect solution for parents who’ve chosen not to put their children in preschool or Mother’s Day Out this fall, who want a laid back yet enriching home environment, don’t want to miss out on learning, and want to truly engage with their child in a meaningful way.
What were the results when a pregnant women tried Whole30.

I Did Whole30 at Eight Months Pregnant :: Here’s What Happened

So while our culture tends to glorify pregnancy as a time to eat whatever you want since you’re “eating for two,” I approached my pregnancies with a different mindset. I knew that healthy food choices would lead to a healthier pregnancy.
Breastfeeding can be a hard journey for moms.

8 Things I’d Tell a First-Time Mom About Breastfeeding

We live in an age where we can read about the experience of 50 different moms’ experiences breastfeeding within an hour and yet I’ve found all that really did for me was lead to overwhelm. Anyone with a platform can spew misinformation about breastfeeding.