Colleen, an Illinois native, and her husband, Aaron, met in 2001 during their freshman year at Texas Christian University and have been charmed by both each other, and Fort Worth, ever since. What makes her smile is the heady aroma of that first cup of morning coffee, the opportunity to be creative, consuming mid-afternoon hunks of dark chocolate, seeing her sons smile, and feeling the down-to-the-bone joy that is motherhood. Outside of what seems like daily trips to Central Market or Trader Joe's, she is likely to also be found sitting crisscross on a colorful rug at a story time, strolling the Fort Worth Zoo or at home gardening the pots on her front porch, also known as her living room. Colleen is the sponsorship director for the FWMB. She helps local and national businesses connect with the FWMB readership and benefits local mamas by providing new information on products and services important to them. Contact Colleen at [email protected].
Use household items to make easy Christmas crafts with your toddler.

My Toddler Must-Have Items

This list is by no means comprehensive, and I am always looking for new ideas. But, here are a few items that keep my toddler happy. Snack Keepers and Sippy Cups The commonly-used plastic snack keepers,...

Be the Match: Donate Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord Blood

If not donated or saved on your own, a newborn's umbilical cord blood is disposed of after the placenta is delivered, throwing away the potential for it to cure any of the thousands of...
summer sunglasses

Natural Ideas for a Healthier Summer

As the seasons change, it always makes me want to make changes in my life too. Burn a new candle scent, try a different yogurt flavor or nail polish color; you get the idea....

July 4th for the Family in the Fort

Early Events Tales and Tunes (Fort Worth), Wednesday, July 1, 2015 9:30 a.m. and 10:15 a.m.: Monkey and Dog Books and Mistletoe Musikgarten present "Parade Day for Patriotic People," a storytime, music, and movement. This...

Top Splash Grounds Around Fort Worth

As temperatures begin to rise, our beautiful park days will soon turn into scorchers, and kids are sure to be asking to cool off. We've compiled a list of some fun, local, zero-depth water...

A Few Ideas for Summertime Art Enrichment

My family loves the rich art culture in Fort Worth, and especially so because it is very accessible. I grew up in suburban Chicago, and while the city offered many wonderful art museums and...

Green Ideas to Make Every Day Earth Day

In this country, we're all talking green and earth-friendly and protecting our planet one day per year--Earth Day. But what if we could make every day "greener"? So, how can we do it, and as cliche...