Raised in Arlington, Diana got her professional start as a financial journalist and quickly transitioned into technical writing. She met her husband Casey—a serial graduate and Fort Worth native—at church in 2011 before he began law school. They married within a year and were both in their 30s when they welcomed Dorothea (2016) and Josephine (2017). When Diana’s not trying free baby-and-me programs around town, she’s jogging on the treadmill or keeping a (somewhat) clean house. She enjoys cooking, traveling, and figuring out this crazy, wonderful new gig of stay-at-home mommy hood.
woman looking down

Obituary for My Childless Self

The bereaved is consoled to think that one day she may glance over at her daughters to find her sacrifice -- of time, energy, and mental and physical self -- has paid out in the blossoming of strong, driven young women. Until that day, the loss feels as endless as the diaper changes.
Glass Full of Candy

What to Drink with Your Halloween Candy

Ever wondered what to pair with your candy after you've taken that Halloween tax from the kiddos? We've tested and tasted and found just the right combo to chase down those Hershey bars . . .
clean car dashboard and front seat

Five Reasons Why My Car Is Cleaner Than Yours

This post aims to neither boast nor judge. Let me instead share some guidelines at the core of my habitual cleanliness. Maybe you can adopt them and adjust the way you treat your car. Or, maybe you can brush them aside like so many granola crumbs from the driver's seat. To each, her own.
couple in love in library

Five Reasons to Fall in Love with the Fort Worth Library

If you're new to the Fort Worth Library, like I was, below are five general categories of offerings that await you. Go ahead and explore; you might just fall in love!
Kids Eat free in Fort Worth and Tarrant County

Guide to Kids Eat Free (or Almost Free) in Fort Worth

We've identified dozens of free (or cheap as free) dining options for your little ones all around the Fort Worth area every day of the week. Fill your calendar -- and your belly -- without emptying your wallet with these appetizing promotions.
dumbell hangs in bra

Busted: The Myth that Bigger Is Better in Breast Size

I went from a 32 DD at my slimmest to a 34 H now midway through my second pregnancy. Never mind shopping to look your best! The full-chested mama struggles during these phases just to find. Something. Anything. That. Fits.
Business casual woman standing

An Open Letter to the Man Who Sexually Harassed Me

I want to address your behavior at the recent fundraising dinner where I worked as a server at your table. I want to confront you for your obnoxious advances, and for the inappropriate way you grasped the back of my leg halfway between my knee and buttock.