Raised in Arlington, Diana got her professional start as a financial journalist and quickly transitioned into technical writing. She met her husband Casey—a serial graduate and Fort Worth native—at church in 2011 before he began law school. They married within a year and were both in their 30s when they welcomed Dorothea (2016) and Josephine (2017). When Diana’s not trying free baby-and-me programs around town, she’s jogging on the treadmill or keeping a (somewhat) clean house. She enjoys cooking, traveling, and figuring out this crazy, wonderful new gig of stay-at-home mommy hood.

A Converted Napper’s Guide to Better Sleep

If you're like me -- or like the 10 percent of people that, the CDC reports, suffer from chronic insomnia -- you're at greater risk for associated ailments like depression, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Yikes! Mamas, it's time to slow down, assess your rest routine and celebrate Better Sleep Month this May.
Park Bench

Love My Local: Southwest Fort Worth

What this mamas loves about her local Southwest Fort Worth.
Baby drinks from bottle

Postcard to My Weaning Self: Wish You Were Here

Losing that nursing bond feels strangely like mourning, like you're giving up being her Mommy as your lactation shuts down. You feel betrayed by your breasts, and guilty for taking the vacation, for leaving your daughter behind, and for getting so wrapped up in the move across town. You feel ashamed for not having better prepared her for this. And now you are stuck in transition between breast and bottle -- desperate to move forward because there is no going back.
organized laundry room shelves

Spring into Your Clean Zone: Tips to Declutter and Organize Your Home

The key to the zone method is to declutter small areas at a time, and to work efficiently to make the most of your labor and keep those areas organized.
Calverley Heating and Air in the attic

Plan for the Unexpected — Protect Your Family Against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Disclaimer :: Calverley Service Experts sponsored this post in conjunction with a national campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. That Saturday started out great -- with doughnuts for our five-month-old daughter....

The Month I Fed My Family Nothing but Delivery (And It’s Not What You...

You've been there. You doubtfully scan the contents of the pantry and freezer for enough essentials to scrape together dinner. A glance at the time on your phone's display confirms that baby will wake...
Distinguishing moments teach us to die to the desires of our childless selves and put the needs of a tiny human before our own.

Learning How to Die: Sacrificial Moments that Put Baby’s Needs First

Weeks away from giving birth to my daughter, I had a super realistic pregnancy dream: Something had gone wrong. I could not carry her to term and survive labor. We'd have to choose between...