Raised in Arlington, Diana got her professional start as a financial journalist and quickly transitioned into technical writing. She met her husband Casey—a serial graduate and Fort Worth native—at church in 2011 before he began law school. They married within a year and were both in their 30s when they welcomed Dorothea (2016) and Josephine (2017). When Diana’s not trying free baby-and-me programs around town, she’s jogging on the treadmill or keeping a (somewhat) clean house. She enjoys cooking, traveling, and figuring out this crazy, wonderful new gig of stay-at-home mommy hood.
Before becoming a first-time mom, I was a marathoner and endurance runner. some folks in my social circle seem to expect that I never stopped. But the truth is my "pre-baby" self is gone, and with her a lot of pre-baby habits and hobbies.

What to Do When Your Bully Is You

This post is part of "Bully No More," an editorial series hosted by the Fort Worth Moms Blog. Before becoming a first-time mom, I was an endurance runner. Now, I can barely manage a three...

Being New Is Getting Old

Sometimes being a new mom sucks. My least favorite piece of advice on becoming a new mother was to "treasure every moment." We've all heard (or even delivered) the well-meaning mantra, which ignores that...