Elisa is a Texas native and grew up in Arlington. She met her husband (Mike) while attending Baylor University and they married in 2004. They have two sons, Colin (2012) and Jake (2017). Elisa works part-time as a speech language pathologist treating adults with swallowing, cognitive, and language difficulties. She must have coffee in the morning, loves to search the Target aisles for sales, and loves calling Fort Worth home. Elisa took on her new role with the blog in August 2015. Contact Elisa at [email protected].
Children can do well in a charter school.

Why We Choose to Stay at a Charter School

Benefits to this model that we have seen include extra help with teaching kids at different levels, grading is completed and returned to the student quickly, and teachers get more breaks throughout the day because they can share the workload. The downside is that your child will fall in love with two teachers instead of one. 
Try this skincare regimen for busy moms.

Let’s Get Influenced :: Skin Care Recs for Busy Moms

While the morning routine is about waking up and protecting your skin, the evening routine is about cleaning, treating, and moisturizing your skin. 

Food Fights :: Help Aging Family with Modified Diets

But what about if you are dealing with an aging family member (parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle)? What do you say and look for when your food fights are with your elders, not your children?
Christmas Elves featured

How Do You “Elf on the Shelf”?

I started seeing all the cute things other people did with the elf every morning. Man, people got creative! Jealousy started creeping in. Not because I felt bad for neglecting my children of the fun, but because I wanted in on the fun! 
Messy Toddler

One Day :: A Tribute to Motherhood in the Trenches

One day I will have a clean floor, but today my sock stuck to dried fruit juice, milk, and a science experiment gone wrong.  One day my house will smell of Magnolia candles, but today I smell dirty diapers, poor toilet aim, and Lysol.  One day I will finish a load of laundry from washing to hanging up, but today I am pretty sure those clothes have been sitting in the basket (clean) for nine days. 
second child

Second Chances

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would sit down to write this post. Actually, I used to dream about it, but I let that dream go and became content with my reality -- that I would only have one child. Shortly after my son turned four, I purged just about all of the baby clothes and gear.

Celebrate Fall at Lone Star Family Farm {Sponsored}

Disclaimer :: This post was sponsored by Lone Star Family Farm, but Fort Worth Mom Blog’s very own Elisa wrote this piece. Ready to celebrate fall with pumpkins, corn mazes, and more? Come and join...