Elisa is a Texas native and grew up in Arlington. She met her husband (Mike) while attending Baylor University and they married in 2004. They have two sons, Colin (2012) and Jake (2017). Elisa works part-time as a speech language pathologist treating adults with swallowing, cognitive, and language difficulties. She must have coffee in the morning, loves to search the Target aisles for sales, and loves calling Fort Worth home. Elisa took on her new role with the blog in August 2015. Contact Elisa at [email protected].

When Grandparents Live Far Away — Take Two

It's not ideal to live so far away, but putting forth even the smallest effort will keep your family feeling connected.
Breastfeeding, pumping

Breastfeeding Is Not My Love Language

If you asked some of my closet friends what my love language is they would say giving gifts. I love getting my friends and family the perfect gift or finding the perfect party favor...
port a potty

Potty Training: From Failure to Success

Generally speaking, I am a pretty put together mom. I love to research things, am usually on time to activities, and, therefore, stay pretty calm, cool, and collected. However, potty training ROCKED MY WORLD...
boy with wagon

Travel with Toddlers: What You REALLY Need

By the time you have done all your Pinterest research for car and beach trips, you can have so many ideas it is overwhelming! We just got back from a 14-hour car trip, hotel...

It’s Not Easy Being Green: Explaining the Baylor Debacle to Tiny Bears

The title says it all. It has not been easy to be green lately. As a proud Baylor alum, it has been a tough month to fling my green and gold afar. As students, most...
indoor fun in tarrant county

Indoor Fun in Tarrant County!

Is it too hot? Or too cold? Rainy outside? Mosquitos everywhere? You need ideas for indoor activities, places to go? Look no further than the Fort Worth Mom's Blog guide to TONS of indoor...

Bringing Back the Front Yard

We are a front yard family. Is that weird? Because that sounds more like a confession than a statement. Our backyard is fine and lovely, but we prefer to be in the front. It...