Emily S

Emily S
Emily is a 35+ year resident of Arlington, having only left for a brief time to attend Baylor University (Sic ‘em!). Her background in journalism/communications has allowed her to share her writing and editing experience in a variety of professional formats from hospitals and software companies to multiple non-profits. As a single mom of two girls, Madilyn (2009) and Camille (2012), she spends her time managing their various activities. When she gets her own time, she loves reading, cycling, and watching her long-time obsession -- the Golden Girls.
A girl cries and rests her head on her arm on a chair.

Childhood Anxiety :: How My Daughter (and Myself) Benefitted from a Counselor

When it comes to mental health, especially for our kids, that can be a tough one to determine the right time to seek help.
mom on april fools day

April Fool’s Day Fun for the Family

It's always nice to stop and enjoy harmless pranks and smiles with your kids, especially as the parent!
A child's organized room with a desk and bins.

3 Ways to Transform the Playroom to a Tween Space

Our home — specifically the playroom — has recently been the subject of change as children transition from kids toys to tween interests.
Brunch food on a table

22 Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas :: From Affordable to Fancy

Nothing says Mother's Day like your classic brunch. Or, spend it doing something out of the ordinary. Either way, mom doesn't have to clean up!
child playing chess

Games to Keep Your Tween’s Mind Active and Off a Screen

Here are some of the top favorites in our house when we need to divert from devices. These are great for both your young adult and adults in the family. 
Family Enjoying Time Together

Making Space for Family Time in the Age of Extracurriculars

After much fear of missing out -- not only for me, but for my kids -- I learned it's fine if we aren't always there. As a family, our time together is a far better return than spending it at activities apart from each other. 
Celebrate daughters on National Daughter's Day.

Honoring Our Daughters :: Celebrating National Daughter’s Day

I often wonder about the other actions I take or decisions I need to make to show them what they are worth and capable of not only now but also later in life.