Emily Y

Emily Y
Emily Y first became involved with Fort Worth Moms Blog when it began in the Spring of 2013 as a contributing writer. She became the managing editor in the Spring of 2014. Twelve months later, in 2015, she became the sole owner of the blog. Emily became a mom in 2011 when she and husband welcomed home sweet Anna Zane, and then added Louisa to the family in November 2014. Since then, life is full and fun! In addition to wife and mom and business owner, Emily works on freelance projects as a writer/editor, wielding her red pen for grammatical justice everywhere. In 2014, she co-authored and released Legendary Locals of Fort Worth. She has also written a Bible study, Grace in the Empty Spaces. She also enjoys gardening, yard sales, and drinking caffeine during the wee one's nap time. Follow Another Youree Day where she documents the joys and jests of life as a working mama.

10 Ways Your Family Can Support Medical Professionals

Chat with the office manager or administration to create a wish list on Amazon for office supplies and food items for the office kitchen. Not only can you purchase an item or two from that list, but you can also share the link and spread the word.

Cheers to Award Shows and Tacos

It's that time of year for big shows -- whether in Hollywood or on the gridiron. This season also means big things for Fort Worth Moms Blog. It's our annual dinner and award show too!
2020 Neighbor Group leaders photograph

Happy FOURTH Anniversary, Neighbor Groups :: {GIVEAWAY}

  On this day four years ago, Fort Worth Moms launched some of the best little villages in Tarrant County! Fast forward to 2020 and these online Facebook groups aren't so little anymore. We now...

Safer, Savvier Messaging Options for Kids

As my oldest daughter gets ever older, the social media discussion comes up more and more. It's taken a lot of thinking and sorting and wondering and asking, but we're closer to a social media plan for our kiddos . . . and here it is: protect, model, practice.
red theater curtain

Behind the Digital Curtain of Fort Worth Moms

Want a chance to peek behind the digital curtains of Fort Worth Moms?
school bus sky

Those First-Day-of-School Feelings

I've felt the jitters and excitement of walking into the doors the very first morning, finding the kindergarten hall; I've beamed with pride when we've walked through those doors feeling more comfortable, more at home. But I've learned that it doesn't just have to be kindergarten drop-off that gets you teary-eyed. Seeing those stairs to the third grade hall ripped my heart in half.
textured hair, black hair, curly hair

What I’ve Learned About Caring for Textured Hair :: Part 2

Be proud of your natural self. There is nothing shameful or different about having textured hair. Celebrate it. We want our girls to know NOTHING is wrong with the way they look -- not their color, not their hair, NOTHING. There is nothing less than or undesirable about textured hair.