Born and raised in Fort Worth, Ginni (pronounced Jih-nee) graduated from Paschal High School, and then attended Texas Wesleyan University and Tarrant County College as an English and Spanish double-major. Currently she is wife to Jose and mommy to Elena (2018) and Santiago (2020). In her spare time, she enjoys embroidery and reading novels. Jesus and coffee are the two things that get her through the day.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo :: Books, Events, and Movies

This year, there are so many wonderful festivals and activities happening the Fort Worth area. Pack up your family and head to these activities, pick up a book, and flip on a show.
Use a child safety leash.

Why I Chose to Use Safety Leashes for My Kids

My kids' safety is always my first priority when I'm out in public with them. I hear scary stories about kids being snatched out of a grocery carts while the mom is reaching for something off of a store shelf, and I don't want to risk it.
It can be hard to handle toxic families during the holidays.

3 Suggestions for Dealing with Toxic Family During the Holidays

Holidays are stressful, but it doesn't help when everyone assumes they know what others want.
day of the dead dolls

Teach Your Kids How to Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos

Weeks leading up to Dia de los Muertos, families start setting up ofrendas (altars) with pictures of loved ones, cups of water and the loved ones favorite drinks, candles, and marigold petals.
woman and child sitting

How to React to a Stubborn, Hard-Headed Child

Now that I'm a mama to a hard-headed child, I get why my parents were always so frustrated with me. However, I chose not to keep doing things the way they were. When my daughter does something I think is inappropriate, I stop and think about WHY she's doing this thing.
traditional hispanic clothing

Hispanic Heritage Month 2021

Hispanic Heritage Months Begins on September 15 and ends October 15. It is a month full of culture, festivities, and pride for Hispanic families all over the country.
ice cream cones

Three Cheers for Ice Cream!

Ice cream may be one of the best treats ever, and not just in summer. There are so may different options and so many ways it can be served.