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Virtual school is a good option for non-traditional families.

Virtually Perfect Learning :: How Virtual Schooling Benefitted Non-Traditional and Medically-Fragile Families

To say the learning process was seamless would be a farce; while I don’t believe virtual learning can replace in person learning, the socialization, and workload for the teachers, I do think it’s something to be strongly considered point forward.
The pros and cons of different types of schooling options for kids

Montessori :: The Foundation for a Life of Learning

Because the Montessori community is cooperative and respectful, this atmosphere helped them practice open communication with others, understand that there are multiple ideas and perspectives to consider, and that science is evolving and dynamic. There is always more to learn, new goals to strive for, and we are in a constant state of growing.
Homeschooling is a great option for some families.

The Homeschool Choice {with Bonus Resources}

We are all doing our best, no matter what type of schooling is best for your family. I am excited for all of the schooling options that are now available. Homeschool groups, homeschool co-ops (where you can take single classes), partial-week schools, and democratic schools are just a few alternatives.
Great Hearts School is a tuition-free charter school.

The Benefits of a Tuition-Free Classical Education

To find a school that combined the principles of classical education, with the convenience of being a tuition-free public school was a dream come true for my family!
Uplift early childhood education

College Prep in Early Childhood

Uplift nurtures characteristics such as curiosity, respect, and empathy, and teaches practical skills like time management, effective communication, and critical thinking. Uplift’s goal for the early years of a student’s academic life is to develop a love of learning.
A single mom writes a letter to her ex, the father to her children.

Momfession Monday :: You Are Missing Our Children’s Childhood

Because of what you did, I now have more time with my children. I do not have to share them, and I can relish in the moments when they stop me in my tracks with the things they say.
Take time to care for your physical and mental health.

From Infertile to Pregnant :: Strategies That Worked for My Body

It only took one month of the fertility cleanse to get me to ovulate. It was the thing I had been trying to do and was told that my body couldn’t do without rounds and rounds of treatment.