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Guest writers contribute to the Fort Worth Moms content catalog throughout the year, brining expert advice, solid recommendations, and unique perspectives.

Ann Gunter :: Bringing Sexy Back to Mom's Hair!

Before babies you liked, maybe even LOVED, your hair. You made your happy hour appointment every 6 weeks with your beauty bestie known as your hairstylist. You had wine, gossiped and tried the newest...

50 Activities To Do With Your 6-12 Month Baby

It's that in between stage - your baby cannot talk or walk, but he crawls everywhere and demands your constant attention.  His nap times are shorter than when he was a newborn and when...

The Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas: The Lifesaving Gift of Donor Human Milk

Donor human milk is precious, lifesaving nourishment for premature and critically ill infants. Here at Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas we work with 600 to 650 donor moms each year who donate their...

Womb to Water: A Local Mom's Water Birth Story

Six months ago, our sweet little #3 made her debut. She arrived from fluid-filled womb into the warmth of a water-filled tub before being lifted into the air, where she gasped and then exercised...

Becoming "Stepmom"

Stepmotherhood is never something I aspired to. Though I guess it's not something to which anyone particularly aspires. Still many women make the transition seamlessly, or so it appears to an outsider. I am still...

Babywearing – What is Babywearing? (Part I)

What is babywearing? Let’s face it moms.  Between the dishes, dirty diapers, laundry, cooking breakfast/lunch/dinner/ snacks, errands, running to the post office, grocery shopping, full/part time jobs, shopping on the internet, keeping up with fabulous...